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You Are A StarSeed!

You know you are different, but do you understand why? You feel like you have powers, but do you know how to access them? 

You know you are from somewhere, but do you know where?

Thank you for allowing me to share this amazing opportunity with you, this opportunity of your discovery of the key to unlocking your StarSeed mission, your StarSeed superpowers, and more.

The knowledge of what your StarSeed Superpowers are is freely shared with you, starting in the free Mission Download course you receive when you signup for the blog posts.

The free Mission Download Course is indeed all you need to enable you to learn about and actually practice your StarSeed Superpowers. The upcoming print book, due out soon, expands on the teachings of the mechanism of your innate StarSeed superpower technology.

The knowledge of what your StarSeed Mission is, is shared with you starting in the free Mission Download course you receive when you sign up for the blog posts.

As you become more aware in your StarSeed life, you can explore your StarSeed heritage with a Harmonic Translation Scan, a tool you can use to discover your StarSeed Origins.

An HT scan is an energetic reflection of you. But it’s not your physical energy that we will be looking at, it is your essence, your soul energy. An HT StarSeed Scan can give you the information you need to possibly help you identify and resolve issues which you otherwise couldn’t have done.

Harmonic Translation scanning is indeed a method of “dowsing”, with a sophisticated FEEDBACK SYSTEM that “speaks” back to you in English, through the written word, through the computer program. That’s all it is.

It can do this because it is simply reflecting back to you your own heart energy, your own Higher Power intelligence.

The information is within you, and a fancy computer software program is used with a specifically designed receptor attachment (to the computer) to isolate and “pick up” the energy signatures your own heart is giving out.

Anyone, even you, could learn to use this interface and get this same information, if you had access to this equipment and were trained in how to use it. (Kind of like an EKG/ECG ElectroCardioGram machine, of which this equipment is a “sister”).

Remembering, or at the very least knowing, your StarSeed Origins would help answer some questions about things that have happened in our lives, but more importantly can answer questions about what is going on now.

WHO ARE WE? Are we really from out there? From the stars? Can we be sure?

WHY ARE WE HERE? What is our mission? Why here? Why now?

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Expect your mind to be challenged.


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