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We are Ronnie Marcia and Elaine Silverman, your hostesses on this StarSeed journey of enlightenment through these blog pages and in our newsletter.


This blog is created to inspire, inform, and enlighten you.   To remind you of who you are and where you are from. To let you know that you are not alone!

As Solitary StarSeed Eclectic Cosmic House Witches,  we are what in the olde days were called “healers” on the alchemical Stellar Path.  We discovered we have been practicing this knowledge – our StarSeed powers, what we also call our craft – all our lives. Our magic has been expressed in the world around us all our lives. Sometimes consciously. Most times unconsciously. But we were able to figure it out!  Now, we’re fine tuning it and willing to share it with you as we learn  more on our path and as we learn what it teaches us.


We  know where we came from, and we know where we are going. We are aware of the coming cosmic and planetary changes.  Most important, we know we are StarSeeds. We know we have an innate technology which allows us to create and enjoy our reality. We have remembered how to use our StarSeed power, and we can help you remember too.


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Below is Ronnie’s bio –

Good day my friends…it’s my turn to introduce you to me.
I’ll attempt to be brief and to the point . As you all know I do tend to ramble.

Ronnie Marcia Silverman. I know nothing of my birth parents for at birth i was given to adoption. My mother who raised me never discussed it and I never pursued it.

Growing up as a very young child we lived in many places in Europe and then back to USA at about age 7.

There’s not much to tell other than an unsettled youth and young adulthood. I never felt at home in my body either as male or even in the flesh. School was a disaster and everything this world ( society ) offered I rejected not knowing why…

I had few friends and always tended to be the outcast and loner. Always feeling and searching for something more…something I couldn’t see but knew was there. None had answers but many offered thoughts they could not defend.

Two marriages and many experiences later I met by chance ( or so it seemed ) the person who would end up being my best friend and wife. That was in fall 1986. She told me after the fact that as a youth she had dreamed of me but forgotten until we met. The attraction was instant.
Many more years past …much traveling….different jobs and businesses later we ended up both having a calling and sold everything we owned and moved to isolation in South Dakota onto the Sioux reservation . We gave up everything and moved to nothing.
Looking back now we see things went just as they had too.
On 5/01/2015 Ronnie Marcia came to be…all the details are hard to believe and at times even I reflect with disbelief.

Long story short…I don’t like to look back. I’ve had much given to me and my intention is to spread that which I have been blessed with to as many who will receive it. I consider it an honor to be among you all here and will strive to enlighten and encourage and receive in kind from this gathering of loving souls .
Looking forward to getting to know you all better over the time ahead.




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