Are The Draco Voluntarily Paying Back KARMA?

Are The Draco Voluntarily Paying Back KARMA?

Is that what this video, below, is making clear? Is that even possible?

Daring Draco Drama?

Are the Draco able to access our 3rd dimension bodies while still manifesting in – from – the fourth dimension? Are they able to seemingly mix the dimensions together in order to help humans?

Why would they want to? How are they able to do that? Is that what is really going on here?

StarSeeds, I almost didn’t post this one.

Considering the common consensus, the general feeling and common attitude and fear that most StarSeeds understand and have toward Draco, I almost didn’t post this.

A Changing Paradigm 

But – it’s about time we leave behind the old Earth habits of prejudice, and maybe even of our own interstellar “bigotry”, and give Dracos a chance. Judge each individual one based on their “fruits”. Even Dracos. Individual is the key.

What do YOU think? 

Draco “aliens” are noted for being of a distinctly negative energetic quality. Dracos are understood to be part of the reptilian infrastructure, and understood to be in control of the grays who abduct humans. Whether this is true or not, I do not know. It really doesn’t matter.

Something Strange In The Neighborhood! 

I do know, however, there are some 12 to 15 foot tall SOMETHINGS showing up at a particular “energy lightworker’s” seminars, regularly and repeatedly, phasing in and then phasing back out, after healing the humans.

(“Energy LightWorker” is my personal terminology, he does not use this to describe himself. And if you watch a few this man’s different videos, which you can find on YouTube, you will most likely also conclude he is definitely not in the habit of telling a falsehood.)

(And, as another side note, according to David Wilcock and Cory Goode, the word “alien” is akin to a racial slur. They don’t like it when we use that word. And, if you notice, that word is not used in this video. Instead, the word “being“ is used. )

Who Are They? 

Are they Draco? I do not know. I just know they COULD be.
I have read descriptions of different dimensional beings, different aliens, and the only ones that fit the description of being that tall, and being that majestic, are the reptilians.

(The word “majestic” does not mean good or bad, it just means the way they carry themselves, the attitude they have about themselves. And Reptilians are said by David Icke to have that aura.)

Watch the video below, and decide for yourself if that is who this man is talking about. (And if you watch it after the main part of the video is over, you will see “testimonials“ from some of the people who have been healed. Yes, they talk about the beings.)

Decide for yourself if he is talking about Draco.

Middle Ground 

I will tell you this, I do know that whoever these beings are, they 
are not that far from us in energetic quality. If you pay attention in the video, the man does say they are able to lower their frequency a little and meet us, we who have been able to raise our frequency a little, to heal us. It’s a “middle ground” where they can meet us and thereby intervene.

(And that’s why they go to his seminars, it is common practice for the human attendees to raise their vibration the highest possible in human form. It is what these particular seminars are all about.

The seminars create a morphic field with a very high and intense energy. Below is one of the energy raising – vibration raising – meditations we use, taken from one of Dr. Joe’s seminars.)

We do know that only certain and specific emotions are able to raise the human energetic frequency enough, to a point where the kundalini energy is able to move up the human spine and create a sense of oneness with universal power.

Higher Vibrating Emotions

So, are these beings Dr. Joe reluctantly speaks about actually fourth dimensional Draco who have chosen to inevitably raise their vibration by paying back any karma they may have brought upon themselves previously?

They can only do this by having these higher vibrating emotions – the emotions of appreciation, caring, compassion, and gratitude.

Why would they do this? Maybe they realize they need to “do the work needed” if they want to ascend…. and maybe they really do want to ascend.

Wouldn’t this be – no, isn’t this – a wonderful turn of events?

I suppose this is showing us that even within our interstellar and StarSeed family we need to let go of prejudice, and we may possibly even have bigotry, we have held from our earthly habits.

There is no room for those attitudes within ascension to a higher dimension. And especially not if we are hoping, knowing, we will be working together, after ascension, with our other StarSeed family.

I am looking into this further, keeping up with all of the information I can find out about this from Dr. Joe. I will keep you posted.

Meanwhile, watch the video, below. What do YOU think?

Sparkle on!




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