Is The Quantum Field GOD?


It’s clear that we don’t remember many things about being in our quantum state, the state we exist in before and in between our corporeal beings, our incarnations.

And we may not think about or remember the abilities, or StarSeed power, we can express while in that state.

One of the things we have to do while we are here at this time and in this place is to bring our consciousness up to speed with our innate StarSeed abilities.

But before we can ever get to the point of that expression, we first need to know where our StarSeed  power comes from. Because only in knowing the truth about the power, meaning where it comes from, can we access it to use it. We can’t access it if we don’t know where to find it.


The science of anatomy teaches us that as humans, our heart is the first organ that forms when we are in our mother’s womb. And we know (as the Mission Download Course explains) it is the clear intention of our thoughts when mixed with the elevated emotions of our hearts that create our StarSeed superpowers to change the reality around us, including our body if we choose.

There is a saying, as above so below. We understand and accept the fractal nature of what we see in existence around us. Even the holographic bookmarks we can get at a bookstore show us that. If you cut a piece off and examine it under a microscope, each piece will have the complete whole hologram in it.

What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.  English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license.


We can be considered the “below”. But if we are below, what is “above“? What are we a fractal of? We are a fractal piece the quantum field. We are a piece of field which is one possibility. And from that point, from the point of our conscious awareness, we have the ability, the power, to create what we choose to then fractal off of us.


From our humanity, we offer into the quantum field from within us the Clear Intention of THOUGHT. It is mixed with the emotions from the heart. The ELEVATED EMOTIONS, the quality we get from the quantum field.

Together, these CLEAR INTENTIONS of our thoughts, mixed with the ELEVATED EMOTIONS of our heart, are the blueprint “Recipe” for our superpower. (It takes time, the very time we are practicing to transcend.)


This technology is only available to us as StarSeeds when we are in this specific human vehicle. That is why we all are here now, in these bodies at this time, to be able to practice this StarSeed super power technology and raise the vibration of the people and the planet, before the Solar Flash, our DNA upgrade.

You see, this power is not something you can get by imploring another being. By asking for it. Well, you probably can get some power from a deity, but it won’t be anything near your own innate superpower abilities from connecting with your source, the quantum field. Any other way is simply using a “middleman“. You are supposed to be able to create or change things on your own.  You, co-creating with the quantum field. You are in this 3rd density realistic hologram to practice doing it.


Your physical heart is connected to your mother, and just as we are a small fractal part of the quantum field, your heart is connected to the quantum field. The quantum field is omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (it’s everywhere).

With the highest compassion of letting us be free to make our own choices (and thereby learning what love is), the quantum field envelopes us and responds to us and to our needs. The quantum field responds by letting us know how we’re doing by bringing into fruition what our technology tells the field we want. If we have something we don’t want, it’s a sign to learn to use our technology better, to practice our technique. Our heart/brain technology.

The quantum field is what, is WHO we should implore for our power, for our strength. For our wisdom. It’s all there in the field. We can choose any potential from this field that we want to. And, in the same way we connect with our mother’s heart when we are an embryo in the womb, we can and do connect with the heart energy, the love, within the quantum field.

When you want the power to create something, or to change something, go to the Source. The quantum field, the Source Field, is what flows through you and through everything. The Field responds to the highest energy that exists. It responds to love. Because it IS love.

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Influencing Another’s Choice Of Love

 Whatever happened to allowing another being to have and express their own “choice“? Whatever happened to “not trying to manipulate another being“? Whatever happened to “free will”? 

Sometimes, as StarSeeds, we try to use our intention to bring to us things we desire to experience in our life. Sometimes we try to draw to us love. Giving  our intention a vector to travel on,  a pathway, can enable our intention to present it self, to become truly possible.

This vector, this pathway, usually is a simple and mundane every day way we live in our life . The simple, everyday things we participate in out of necessity because we are human and live in this world. Things we can choose to do, to act on to change what already is. Things that will have a positive influence anyway, and when you add your StarSeed intention and magic, the result sparkles!

Apothecary’s Jar People Listening
People Listening

If you want to (ahem) influence love, for instance, you can choose to add the mundane act of “being fully present” when you are interacting with the subject of your designs. When we’re truly present – whether it’s simply with our breath or a tree or a loved one – we become love. This is because in Presence as a spiritual practice, the thoughts release, the heart is receptive, and we experience connection. Connection is love .

In her book Awakening From Anxiety Connie L Habash proclaims “Presence is a deep connection with what is. The mind is quiet and the heart is open… When we’re present with another person, we’re listening, quiet within, and feel a bond, a sense of Oneness.”

She goes on to ask, “Don’t we feel deeply loved when someone else is present with us, when we feel connected to them? It reflects that we’re cherished and valued. We receive the attention and acknowledgement that each of us longs for. We also experience this deep sense of connection by being listened to, receiving eye contact, a thoughtful touch, and most importantly feeling that someone is right there with us, no matter what – all potential expressions of Presence. That profound connection creates Oneness, which is an experience of love.”

According to Scott Peck, the author of the classic, The Road Less Traveled, to LOVE is to extend one’s self for the purpose of one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. That greater sense of love is truly serving the highest good of another. This is what the Law Of One defines as “Service To Others”.

So, the mundane, every day act of being fully present, focusing your attention when listening to, looking at, and extending a touch – maybe even a hug – can go a long way to positively influence the magical world you create around you. Especially when you are choosing to influence your world with love.

Yes, it is true one should not want to, or bother, trying to impose their own will on another being. Whatever may be received back (from the Intended)  is not true. Or real.  What you WILL receive back would be intentions of manipulation by someone else.

The heart only connects when emotions of honest feelings are used. Your intentions of true love will only work when the heart you are intending to connect with chooses to reciprocate. And that is where, and when, using “engaging in the mundane”, being fully present on your part, can pave the way to true love.

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How Morphic Fields Affect You


Whatever your personal intention for calling on a deity, ANY deity, no doubt you seek to connect with your deity.  You seek to align yourself with your deity’s characteristics. When you take on the characteristics of your deity, you are attempting to connect to absorb and imbue yourself with your deity’s potent qualities.

But, any deity that holds power over us, any powers that are attributed to any – thing – only exists because we, each of us, gave, and still GIVE –  it to them, willingly. (And, we need to remember, whoever and whatever that deity is, when we take on their “persona”, we are only able to express power equal to THEIR  limitations. YOUR STARSEED POWERS ARE INFINITELY GREATER THAN THEIRS, when you learn how to use them.) 

This is not a question of whether any deity is indeed alive or not, true or not, real or not. The “One and Only” or not. This is simply a statement that anything which holds power over us is only because we willingly gave the power, our personal power, away to it. We allow the entity, deity, or hoodoo or voodoo doll to have the power over us.

Sometimes we want that. Sometimes, we ask or implore the deity to give us strength. Other times we are attempting to chase away a deity or spirit, or to avoid a deity we think someone else has “sic”ed on us. And, sometimes we desire to sit at the feet of the deity to be instructed in the secrets of the universe.


Consider this. As StarSeeds, we attempt to access another off-world “alien”, a deity, another StarSeed – to obtain a specific change or outcome. As StarSeeds, when we use any of our assumed helpers, contacts, magical tools, any of our sources of power – including our deity – we are engaging in a process whereby we are affirming our own ability to be powerful. Powerful enough to accomplish what we want done, one way or another. Whether we realize our acknowledgment of this or not, the power comes from within us. The power comes from our innate (built-in) technology of heart-brain coherence. THIS is the power that “moves mountains”, literally. 

Deities in particular are part of a morphic field. A morphic field is a consensus frequency flow of energy. Everything in life is part of a morphic field. Your desired brand of politics is in itself a morphic field. The religion you ascribe to is a morphic field. Fans of a specific sports team create a morphic field. Deities have morphic fields. The strength of the morphic field is what contributes power when you use the deity in your working.


We can see this example in the Catholic religion. As the members repeat their daily prayers on their talisman of their rosary beads, they continually reinforce the control which the power of the religion has over its members. Another example, though not nearly as globally widespread, is the conditioning of the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui. While it seems to work “magically“, it only works because the people who ascribe to it give it the power over them and their lives to work. And, therefore, it does.  The energy from the global morphic field can be strong enough to create magic and make it work even for someone who doesn’t believe. 

However here is an important point to remember: things which have a large morphic field will indeed have a stronger and more potent activity, a stronger “hold” over us. The reason for this? It’s because of the sheer number of the people who are believing in it. (Or, through the ages of time, who have believed in it.) Their thoughts and emotional heart felt vibrations are creating more of the same, and strengthening what is already there … the belief in that which already exists.   


As a StarSeed you can use any one of the morphic fields to your advantage, in exactly the same way you would use the energetic properties of an herb, a sigil, a candel, a metal, or a song. Tap into the morphic field of different to access their potent qualities.

Always remember, in any magical work that you do, your own heart-brain coherence is a vital part of the co-creation of what you are choosing to accomplish. The magic comes from within.

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How To Use StarSeed Powers In A Mundane Human Life!

As StarSeeds, we live our everyday life in the common and mundane actions of humanity.

We know we are here to perfect our built-in StarSeed technology of combining our thoughts with our true emotions to be able to change the world around us.

All of humanity creates this way. Our mission is to learn how to do it “at will”, and on purpose.  After all, in the next dimension, we will have this instantaneous ability.

We’d better know how to
control what we are doing. 

We came here to either learn this, or practice this. We did this all the time. The Quantum Field, the  creative heart Source of all that exists, responds to thoughts and emotions.

We knew how to do this before we came here. It is how the  quantum field works, and we are simply a point of possibility in the quantum field. It is therefore how we work.

We can take advantage of being human and take a pointer from the closest thing to what using our powers is all about  in this earthly realm, the ideal of witchcraft and magic.

(We StarSeeds are the ancestors of the Earthly pagan traditions which we handed down to them, but more about that in further posts.)

“A magical working ideally is supported by some form of mundane action, with the understanding that such an action creates a vector or path of least resistance for the magic to work through.” – The Process Of Magic, Ellwood Taylor

The most accepted example of this is the common scenario that when looking for a job one must actually go out and put applications in places to create a vector for the magic to happen.

But for StarSeeds who know how to use the StarSeed Superpowers, we realize we are truly not bound by the earthly three dimensional Newtonian physics.

And so does the daughter of Dr. Joe Dispenza. In his book “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” he gives the example of how the process of emotionally being thankful for having already received something puts the vibrational frequencies out into the world and the original desire gets created and so then happens.

His daughter desired an off-beat job in a far away land during a difficult time, for a specific time period, for a specific amount of pay. Having been taught how StarSeed magic works and how to do it by her father, she created her desire and knew it would happen. Shortly after she was at the library doing the mundane task of research for a school paper. She had a chance meeting in the library with a stranger who was in a position to make it all happen for her, and the job was offered.

The vibrations were put out into the ethers and the scene was created to make the magic happen. The different situations and circumstances needed to bring it all together were set in motion and then the opportunity presented itself. She seized it.

Mundane actions are things we do every day, repeatedly, in the course of living life. Maybe they’re boring, but maybe not. They don’t have to be! They just have to be actions we take that are normal, everyday activities, which when factored in to our StarSeed magical working. They can supply a convenient avenue for the desired outcome.

As Mr. Taylor continues on to say, “ … it’s important to include the mundane actions and even to examine how you can create a connection between your mundane and magical activities so that the mundane activities provide a source of power for the magical activities. In my experience, mundane activities that fuel your magical work make it that much more likely that your desired result will occur. The mundane activities demonstrate the commitment that you have toward achieving your goal and serve as a valuable way to fuel your magical working.”

Usually, no one has a problem putting desires into the ethers. It’s easy to know what we want … again and again and again! What isn’t as easy is speaking in the language which ensures the ethers understands. What isn’t as easy is knowing how to speak with heart-brain coherence so the ethers knows and understands what you are looking for.

Look for more about heart-brain coherence in our upcoming book.

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Elaine  xx

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Your StarSeed Superpower Language


As StarSeeds, our Superpowers are expressed through a language, and if we want the quantum field to understand what want, we need to speak to it in the language it understands. The quantum field doesn’t care what, or even IF, we use tools.

We can use incense, tarot cards, sigils, prayer beads or potions – or ANY of the different things we do or use.

Superpower magic happens as a result of one thing only. Magic only graces us with its presence when we speak  it’s language.

The tools we use are our personal expression of how we experience our own power. We use them and they create affirmations and confirmations in our own mind of what we expect. They solidify our choices in our own hearts and minds, and that helps us communicate our desires.

But the power to create a change is within us, only. The real ability to speak the language of magic is in our heart and mind, and the coherence they have when they are in alignment with each other. When they communicate with each other. And, when they are talking about the same thing!

To express your Superpower, you need to speak its language. You need to have your heart and mind in “coherence”. With coherence, the blending of emotions (from the heart) and thought (from the mind), you are re-writing the “operating system” of your being.

But what is coherence, and how do we get it … conjure it … create it? How can we create heart-brain coherence so our Superpowers work?

The feeling of “relief” when you finally get something you’ve wanted, when it finally becomes part of your personal and tangible reality, is a feeling or emotion of thankfulness, of gratitude, that sends a signal to your body that you got what you want. It’s finally here. Aaahhhhhh!!

This feeling of gratitude is the highest vibration of any, (yes even higher than “love”), and easily allows us to bring change into existence.

By feeling gratitude for something we desire, our cells then broadcast that energetic frequency, and we are placing our desire’s future energy into the present which tells our brain, our body, and the world around us that it has happened already. And when we do that, the form – by physics law – must occur. 

You can conjure this feeling on purpose when you bring up a past memory of the feeling and mix it with a thought of something you want now, in the present. (That is when your mind and heart are working together. You are in coherence!)

And then you can be (really!) thankful because what you’ve wanted has indeed already occurred. You can be glad about that. You can feel relief about that. Your body – your cells – react to the electromagnetic vibration of your thoughts – YOUR CHOICE. YOUR DECISION of what is in reality now.

Time is linear, but you can imagine anything is right now, in the present. And it is, then. You have DECIDED it exists. The physical form, which follows the thought and feeling, just hasn’t happened yet. But being thankful for it sends the signal to your body that it is real, nonetheless.

And then the vibrational energy signatures you put out, the vibrations you then broadcast, are affecting other vibrational energy signatures and changing them. To bring them into your reality. You are in effect creating – you are creating something that wasn’t previously there, you are creating something out of nothing. You are using your StarSeed SUPERPOWERS.

To re-write your body’s operating system, and the operating system of the morphic field you live in, send the signal that the future has already happened by conjuring the memory of a past feeling of relief you’ve had. Memories of thankfulness, of relief at receiving a desired wish, is the same for all things, so it doesn’t matter what the thing was that you received.

Just conjure, imagine, the memory of the feeling you had, with the new thought of what you want now in mind, and you send a vibrational signal to matter, to the universe, to your personal world – that it already exists. And that is how your StarSeed Superpowers change what already exists or just newly create it.

Where you place your attention determines what manifests in your future. By conjuring the feeling and emotion of being thankful, you are creating your magic. You are creating the conditions for your desired miracles to come into being. You are using – correctly – the StarSeed power you have within you. You are making – and using – magic.

See our upcoming book to discover how and why this process physically happens in your body.

Sparkle on!
Elaine  xx


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