Are You A StarSeed? LightWorker? Witch? Or All Three? – Part 2

Does Your Source Of Power Determine Its Strength?

Where do you think your power comes from?

Do you know and understand  where your real power to effect changes comes from?

(Please see Part 1 of this article,Are You A StarSeed? LightWorker? Witch? Or All Three? , for background information.)

The Technology Of Manifestation

Do you see the source of your power as coming from an entity (even the traditional idea of “God” is an entity), a tool, specific words, planets, or perhaps a date?

Or, do you see your source of power as coming from entirely within you? (And does that make you feel weak, or powerless? Or does it empower you?)

Either way, do you have a conception of how the physics of manifestation works?  Do you have a conception of what the mechanics are of creating something that you want?

Whether you are creating a change in your personal world and life, or healing someone, or anything else … you can and will only do as much as your source of power that you believe in is strong enough to do.

What Determines The Strength Of Power?

And then, once you realize (and admit) where you voluntarily are surrendering your source of power, how do you use it?

It doesn’t matter where you choose to cultivate your power from. Learn to work with it based on its source.

And know if you choose Light or Dark, they each will have different strengths of power.

Know this: Your source of power does not determine its strength. And whether you are using it ultimately for Light or Dark does not determine its strength.

Power used for Light does have a better chance of winning out – but not always.

Let’s recap Part 1 of this article before discovering why.

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What IS different within the framework of being either a StarSeed, LightWorker, or Witch is this:

the 1) purpose (or target of the mission) of the Being (you),  and the 2) choice of the underlying objective.

Before you decide if you align with being, (or try to decide if you resonate with being), either simply a StarSeed, or a StarSeed  LightWorker, or a StarSeed Witch – it is helpful to examine YOURSELF to discover which of these following motivations you feel within yourself:

Choose your focus of Mission Target: 1) everybody in general, (usually simply StarSeeds), 2) those who are specifically like you, (usually Witches), or 3) those who are specifically not like you, (usually LightWorkers).

And, then, in any Mission Target category, there are two choices of OBJECTIVE: you can chose to be of the LIGHT, or you can choose to be DARK.

There is a percentage delineation which will define you as either one or the other – LIGHT or DARK. It may not be what you think. YOU may not be what you think.  See Part 1 of this article, Are You A StarSeed, LightWorker, Witch Or All Three? (This information is from the sixth density Beings who imparted The Law Of One.)


But whatever and whoever you are, whatever and wherever your mission is, if you are existing in human form your power comes from within you. It comes from within the physical matter you walk around in. The physical body is an organic technology.

A deeper level explanation reveals it is in your ability to blend (or to “marry” or combine) and focus on your emotions and thoughts, and then your ability to direct – or project – your emotions and thoughts.

Your thoughts are electrical signals which go into the
reality around you, signals which your brain sends out. Your emotions from your heart are the signals which draw back to you.
 What is drawn back to you is the matter which was changed and manipulated according to your thoughts and feelings, when your brain signals (thoughts) mixed with your heart signals (emotions) were combined in coherence.


Whether you put your allegiance in a Deity, in a tool, or in an action, whatever power you are intending to garner and manipulate comes FROM within you.  You just work that way.

 So you can choose to either let things happen, chaotically, or you can choose to learn how to use this technology and do it on purpose.

But one way or another, this is the way it works.

This power is created from within you. It is a result of the combination of your thoughts and emotions. And it’s the way the human body works… whether it was automatically created, evolved over a long amount of time, genetically manipulated and coerced, or maybe a combination of all three. It really doesn’t matter.

Wether the gift of the ability to do this was built into our framework and psyche, a gift bestowed supernaturally on us from a god, or something that evolved over time, it really doesn’t matter.

The point is, it is the way you work, it is what happens when you think and feel. You create what you experience. So attributing that “power“ to anything or anyone else is not going to change the way reality works.

The Frequency Of Thought And Emotion

There are certain emotions that have a higher vibrational frequency than others. This has been studied and proven by the HeartMath Institute in California, and is an ongoing research project to this day.

But it’s not really the level of vibrational frequency that matters when conjuring a desire. What really matters is the coherence between your brain and your heart.

Weather you are sharing to enlighten someone, or doing a healing, or casting a spell… Your brain’s THOUGHTS and heart’s EMOTIONS must be in COHERENCE for the reality you desire to be drawn back to you. For it to happen in matter.

If your brain tells you that you want a certain thing, and your heart is filled with an attitude of annoyance because you don’t have it, you are simply confirming the fact you don’t have it… And no matter what you do (except maybe physically working “in real time” to change the fact within matter itself) it won’t come to you. It won’t happen. It won’t come to pass.

If your heart and brain are not working in coherence, what you desire will not come to pass.  If your brain is saying yes! to what you want, but your heart knows you do not have it and is filled with low energy because you don’t have it, you are not in coherence. You cannot, and will not, create what you want.

The way to create coherence is to send the signal from the brain of what you want, and draw back to you with the signal from the heart… And the signal that has the strongest power to do that, the highest vibrational frequency, is the signal which arises from the emotions of appreciation and gratitude.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Starseed whose mission is to raise the vibration of the planet and the people, or if you are a LightWorker whose Mission is to help and to heal others, or if you are a Witch whose Mission it is to share what you know and what you can do with your family of other Witches. What ever you are, and what ever your mission is, you need to be in coherence if you want to accomplish it. If you want to affect any change.

You need to be in coherence if you want to have conscious control over what you are creating, doing, or spell casting. Whether you choose to be of the Light or the Dark, the secret to your successful reception of your desires is to be in coherence.

The elevated emotions of appreciation, care, compassion, and gratitude are the emotions which have been proven to send out the electromagnetic signature which will draw back to you the desires which your thoughts project out into reality.

So you can guess it would be easier for those of the Light to “win” if there was such a thing as a battle between light and dark. But, it also depends on how much, or how many, there are participating for, in, the same cause who are either light or dark.

(For more information about that, see our post on Morphic Fields, How Morphic Fields Affect You .)

There is strength in numbers, for sure, but even more important there is strength in numbers who have coherence. The light has an easier time of reaching coherence because the elevated emotions required have a higher frequency of vibration than the dark would use.

(See the short 12 minute video at the end of this post which explains how to harmonize your heart and brain into coherence.)

Because of this, coherence is not only easier to attain, but it is reached much more quickly.

So with this in mind, while you are examining your self to figure out if you resonate more with StarSeed, LightWorker, or Witch … determine if you prefer to choose to work as LIGHT or DARK. 

Keep in mind you may consciously prefer LIGHT but your actions and more importantly emotions may be DARK – in which case you will want to consciously change your actions so you can accomplish what you desire.  (See our article 63 Signs You Have A High Or Low Vibration to help you figure out if what you are doing is indeed Light, or Dark.)

It’s up to you. StarSeed Mission, LightWorker Mission, Witch Mission – and either Light or Dark. Make a choice. Then make it a point to solidify your choice with matching actions. The world is waiting for you.

Sparkle on!



Are You A StarSeed? LightWorker? Witch? Or All Three? – PART 1

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Some links included on our blog or in our posts may be affiliate links. This means if you purchase anything from us using one of these links, we may earn a small commission, but it will not cost you anymore. Thank you! Your purchases allow us to keep this website up and running, and keep the information coming to you.As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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