Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATE – December 2019


This month’s Solar Flash Update includes –

1) a brand new monthly astrological update    2) body symptoms you may feel   3) mental and emotional states you may be experiencing   4) what it all means and what you can do

This may be an unusually long post, as it is the introduction to these Solar Flash DNA Upgrade ENERGY UPDATES. Future Energy Updates will not be this extensive. (I don’t think!)

What exactly IS the Solar Flash? And why does it matter?

And – what do the Hulk and Spider-Man have to do with the coming Solar Flash? They both got GammaRay radiation DNA upgrades, but what does that have to do with the coming solar flash? (Hulk from a direct hit, Spider-Man from being bitten by a gamma-rayed radioactive spider.)

I like to think of science fiction as messages that the other StarSeed entities who are acting as our guides and protectors are trying to tell us. I like to think of science fiction as a documentary inspired by otherworldly beings. Beings who know what’s going on and are trying to tell us in a way that we can grasp and internalize the new information.

CME’s, or coronal mass ejections which are being emmited from the sun, are actually GammaRay explosions. Regular sunspots do not contain emitted gamma rays. But solar flares (which do not usually reach us) and a solar flash DOES. That means that when the physical solar flash passes by, we are in for a REAL, physical DNA upgrade.

“…the Sun does not emit gamma rays from this process [a regular sun spot], but it does emit gamma rays from solar flares.” › wiki › Sunlight

In this quote, Wikipedia is using the word flare, but in reality a flare is a much smaller event of a Solar Flash, which combines separate earth events with incoming electromagnetic energy from the galactic “sheet”.  This plasma sheet is a literal sheet of magnetic energy that “orbits” through the galaxy and passes this way approximately every 25,000 years, so the scientists say.

This approaching energy sheet is at the corner edge of the galaxy, having already passed through the Proxima Centauri star system in 2012 and just recently a closer star system, (descriptive 5 min video below about the “Micro Nova”), emitting another recorded gamma ray burst (GRB190114C) when it reached the star. There was THAT star system’s Solar Flash!

That seems to be what will happen. The energy sheet will collide with the sun and cause exacerbated sun activity. This will be enhanced flares, and bring us the gamma ray burst DNA upgrade… the Solar Flash.

Meanwhile, as the sheet gets closer and the sun begins to react to the approaching energies, over time other events, caused by the physical reaction of the sun and the earth to the electromagnetic energy, are expected. One postulated event is the movement of the earths crust in a pole shift. (There is physical evidence on record that this has indeed happened before. And, as you will learn in the video below, there is scientific evidence that the changes are starting to take place already.)

It’s Happened Before

The largest flare (geomagnetic solar storm) event we know about was the Carrington Event circa 1859 which affected whatever electronics were created at that time, across the entire globe. At that time it was simply the telegraph system. Everything melted and fused. Imagine the havoc the Solar Flash will cause in THIS day and age.

“Telegraph systems all over Europe and North America failed, in some cases giving telegraph operators electric shocks.[20] Telegraph pylons threw sparks.[21] Some telegraph operators could continue to send and receive messages despite having disconnected their power supplies.[22]” 

As this current electromagnetic energy sheet draws closer, the planet is not the only thing that is affected. We – our human bodies – are affected as well, as the sun is either quiet or active in response to the approaching energies. And we feel it. We feel it physically in our bodies, and the energy from the sun definitely affects our mental and emotional state.

Below is the total overview, and then we will get into each section.


In these ENERGY UPDATES  we will first take a look at the astronomical star chart for the month, because that energy first and foremost affects everything we do in our lives.

After that we will take a look at how we may be physically feeling because of the activity of the sun. Then we will explore how the sun may be affecting us mentally and emotionally. Future posts will explore these aspects a little deeper than we will today.

Last, we examine what this really does mean for us all as a human race, and what we can realisticly do about it.




(Thanks to Ronnie for this!)

December features some important planetary movements which could have repercussions well into the New Year. On December 2nd, Jupiter, the planet of optimism and generosity, shifts into serious, responsible Capricorn, where it will remain for a year. This energy is about finding the joy in duty and about sharing the load when times get tough. We can get started on that almost right away, since a slightly melancholy Sun-Neptune square on December 8th brings disappointment to some and sadness to others. However, with Mercury moving into breezy Sagittarius the following day, such feelings will not linger.

It’s a very intellectual Full Moon on December 11th in Gemini and mid-December overall is a fascinating time. On December 13th, a deeply spiritual Mars-Neptune trine is perfect for those seeking esoteric knowledge or trying to deepen their understanding at a soul level. A couple of days later, a brilliant trine between Jupiter and Uranus promises rewards for those who are brave enough to tear up routine and convention: there’s a sense here that something different and daring will break new ground.

Seasonal festivities take on a somewhat quirky feel this year, with Venus moving into independent Aquarius on December 19th. A Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on December 25th highlights the breaking down of tradition, but with Jupiter in the mix too, happy new traditions can be created in place of something old. As 2019 draws to a close, Mercury shifts into responsible Capricorn on December 28th, so this is an ideal time to plan for 2020. Don’t rule out a last-minute brainwave on December 30th when Mercury trines Uranus in an explosive show of originality and innovation.


As I listen to and watch the Suspicious Observers to keep up with the daily changes in the Earth and sun, I am noticing that Ben, the man who shares this information, explains how a lack of sunspots actually worsens autoimmune issues. And the sun has been so very quiet lately.

Ben’s focus is, naturally, on the the coming changes as they relate to what the sun is going through. But, as I can pull out tidbits of information about how these ongoing changes affect our health, I will report them here.

Solar wind can wreck havoc with our emotions, and a lack of sun spots seems to intensify autoimmune symptoms. We cannot predict when either of these will show up, at all, but the more we watch the more we will learn.

We’ll keep track of them, and then we can reflect back on them to know why we were feeling so much turmoil and incoherence back then. And, it will help us measure and gauge the approaching changes.


In the video below Aluna Ash shares with us some important information about how we are affected by the energies and the symptoms we could be feeling in this month of December.

In this 29 minute video Aluna talks about light beings and plasma vision, galactic cosmic rays, and explains there is an increase in solar activity coming. She continues with discussion about shifting to the new sun, how the unconscious becomes conscious, and meditation and brainwaves.  And she finishes by mentioning the galactic antenna, the cosmic tree of life geometry, and how we StarSeeds are creating reality all of the time.

Aluna Ash


This report (5 min video below) is from NASA, as discovered by our friend Ben at Suspicious Observers. They (NASA) were obviously hoping no one would notice, because as soon as Ben made this video they (NASA) shortly after tried to get it withdrawn. Watch it here now while you still can.

We have also posted the video on the side bar of the website, directly under the David Wilcock explanation of what a Solar Flash is, in which he includes historical prophecies, some being from the different religions. If you haven’t seen David Wilcock’s video yet you can watch it there.

The short Suspicious Observers video is under it. It’s about five minutes long, and the part referring to the micro nova – which is another name for “solar flash” – is near the end of the video.

What comes before that in the Suspicious Observers 5 minute video is information regarding the impending pole shift which is already in progress. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening and the poles are on a collision course somewhere near Thailand. (This study is from the International Journal of Geophysics)

4 Coming Earth Changes Converge

Other earth changes which will combine with the magnetic plasma sheet coming our way through the galaxy are the a) growing ice age (see below) and the b) pole reversal. These, and the micro nova of our sun (the Flash), will converge to effect the conditions we will find on earth at that time. (But wait, there’s more!) 

[Coming ICE AGE – apparently  through studies of ice cores (explained in a different ENERGY UPDATE at another time ) this ICE AGE has been happening every 12,000 years. We are right on schedule.  Yes the climate is changing. No, it is not getting warmer. The carbon in the atmosphere is indeed changing. As it goes up the ice cores show the temp goes down. More about this completely automatic, repetitive and natural cycle (with references) in a different update.]

Then, as if those three different issues (the plasma magnetic sheet, the coming ice age, and the pole reversal) weren’t enough, an amazing new discovery and revelation which I’ve heard before but no one was taking it  seriously, (including me), is now serious – we are (planet Earth is) within a long, elliptical binary star system.

We did not know this before, because we could not see it. But now we can.  It is still a long way off, but now it is in our telescopic sight range and we can see it. No, your kids won’t learn about this in school. Public education is approximately 20 years behind current knowledge.

Our sun, Sol, is orbited by a second star, and the dynamics of that conjuncture along with the cosmic “sheet” of plasma (the magnetic energy we’ve spoke about wafting through our galaxy which has already caused the Solar Flash on the star Proxima Centauri) adds to the additional cosmic and planetary occurrences which set up the chain of events that create the Solar Flash in our solar system.

Micro Nova & Pole Shift

So. Some who have been studying this coming event for a very long time have indicated their belief is that this is the universe’s (the quantum field, the one infinite creator, God, whatever you want to call it ) way of resetting – if you want to use that term and call it that – the “switch“ to kill any AI (Artificial Intelligence) which may have taken hold, to ensure organic life continues to exist.

Been Here, Done This

I don’t know about that, if it has anything to do with AI. Maybe it is. But one thing is for sure, this is scientifically proven to be happening, as we speak. And… We all know, we can all surmise, that with this kind of event that big, there is not a thing we can do about it, except get ready.

It’s obvious that humanity has lived through this before. After all, we are all still here. The ancient Vedic scriptures, the Native American stories, and pretty much all spiritual and religious prophecies speak about these things happening.

Supposedly according to the Vedic scriptures we are in the last age … there were five of them in this last cycle and we are in the fifth one. Scientifically, that matches up. Scientifically, an “age“ is about 5,000 years, and about almost every 25,000 years this plasma sheet wafts through our Galaxy. So … here we are now, in the last age, during the last days. No wonder there are so many of us StarSeeds here. We are waiting for the DNA upgrade!

So, with all that said, common sense preparedness for any possible disaster, anywhere at anytime, is usually a good thing. We are doing what we can, and we know others who know about this are doing that as well.

But realize, ANY amount of buried krugerrands and hidden guns simply won’t help you. And, besides, why would you want them to?! This is our chance to create a new way of life, a new society, a new reality based on the heart instead of the mind, the brain. 

Stay tuned for these monthly Solar Flash DNA Activation ENERGY UPDATES.  Below are some additional videos, if you are interested, which may help you put this new knowledge and information into perspective.

We’ll meet again here for another UPDATE on the first of the month, next month… Or, will see you in the next 5D density!

Elaine & Ronnie


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