Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATE – February 2020

SOLAR FLASH DNA activation ENERGY UPDATE – February 2020
How we know it’s happened before, and why we know it’s happening again.

Solar MicroNova –

A 15 minute video by Suspicious Observers describing what it is, what happens, how we know it’s happened before, and why we know it’s happening again. Do we know when? Not exactly. But we are not left “in the dark”, either.Modern telescopes allow us to track progress of the the scientific phenomenon which herald its arrival. Here’s what we now know…. Here’s part 4   (20 minutes)

You can access all of Ben’s videos by pulling down the arrow which is beneath each video.

This UPDATE contains “THOUGHTS ON” – How (And WHY) To Get A DNA Upgrade  … and 2 NEW categories have been added to this report, “tracking where the plasma sheet is” (how close is it to us), and “what you can do” (things you can do to prepare to live in a world turned upside down – literally) .

This Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATE will always start with our THOUGHTS ON … a commentary on the issues in our collective lives we all come face-to-face with as this ENERGY UPDATE brings them to mind. Issues we all are faced with now or which we will be faced with in the near future.

This month we’ll begin to talk about creating our personal GAMMA RAY – WHY we need one in this time of prepping, and HOW it can be used.

1) a brand new monthly astrological update for February 2020

2) body symptoms you may feel

3) mental and emotional states you may be experiencing

4) tracking where the plasma sheet is

5) what it all means and what you can do


Aside from all the practical and provisional stuff we can do to make life comfortable while the world is literally falling apart around us (typical prepping things – see section 5 below), preparing by practicing to raise our energy frequency through meditation would be a wise thing to do. Why? Well – what if…

What if those gamma rays which upgrade our DNA allow us to access both 4D (density – where we are now – height, width, length which equals SPACE, and TIME)  and 5D (density – where we will be going) at will? What if we will be able to literally phase in between both densities? Not just “dimensions” with our mind (where we access when we meditate) but what if we can literally phase between the seen and unseen at will if we’ve practiced raising our frequency?

(Meditating and conjuring elevated emotions actually creates “gamma brain waves”, the same electromagnetic frequency waves emitted by a CME. When they meet each other and blend – well, that’s the stuff “prophecy” is made of.) 5D – fifth DENSITY- is the OPPOSITE of space/time. 5D is TIME/SPACE.

5D, fifth DENSITY, allows us to access TIME first, and to “collapse” it, and thereby “manipulate”, or change, the outcome of the material matter (4D) which our bodies are a part of and which is all around us. We can access 5d (dimension) now and create this time/space to change the matter around us by specific meditation. Meditation can create gamma brain waves which collapse 4D space/time INTO 5D time/space. What this means is we won’t have to go thru time to move space. We can do it now by using meditation. Our thought combined with an elevated emotion.

We will be able to do it in the future with upgraded DNA, not by having to do meditation (which is, in a way of itself, engaging space/time) but simply by – our immediate clear intention. The time it will take to move matter through space will be immediate. We will be operating in TIME/SPACE – if we want to.  When our brain waves are working from the gamma wave frequency, we access time/space and can move matter around us . We access this frequency by certain specific elevated emotions and clear intentions during meditation. THIS is our StarSeed superpower.

SO – what if that Galactic Magnetic Plasma Sheet is like an electrical cord. The sheet wafts through the galaxy … One end of it is touching earth, the other end of it is touching the sun. In this time of solar maximum, a particularly strong CME occurs, electrifying the sheet which then causes the sun to micro nova, causing a (1) Solar Flash … and the (2) the Sheet, like a cord, carries that energy all the way from the sun to the earth, combining with the (3) Ice and the (4) Pole Shift.

(Don’t believe in the ICE yet? Still believing “global warming”?  You should know by now, if “they” tell you to believe something, exactly the opposite is the truth!)

Some with small children – or even grandchildren – may choose to do the best they can and hunker down. (I certainly would!) It’s been done before. The archeological evidence clearly shoes that. Having extra provisions for any common “emergency” is common sense. (See the video Ben from Suspicious Observers put out regarding Safe Zones all across the world… In part five below.) The kind of prepping needed for this “extinction level event” may be just a little bit more detailed and intense. Ben from Suspicious Observers has videos to help with that, as do many others online who share their knowledge, for that reason.

“The Role of Solar Outbursts on Civilization

These galactic trigger events … to me, may be considered as a giant cleansing mechanism, whereby out-dated and distorted realities – karmic constructs – are broken down and reality reconstituted through a Shift into a more harmonious alignment. Distorted civilizations have been devastated before, in events that concurrently precipitate a wave of souls ascending into higher vibrational realities. It’s crucial to say that such catastrophe is a double sided coin. For those that have done the inner work, the cataclysm becomes the catalyst for higher dimensional transition.” [emphasis added]

Next month: the specific kind of meditation needed to access gamma brain waves, and how to do “the inner work” that gets you there.


In these ENERGY UPDATES  we will first take a look at the astronomical star chart for the month, because that energy first and foremost affects everything we do in our lives. It will be interesting to see if this 25,000 year Solar Flash cycle interrupts the “normal“ astrological predictions.  Or not.


After that we will take a look at how we may be physically feeling because of the activity of the sun. Then we will explore how the sun may be affecting us mentally and emotionally.


3.9 light years away, our nearest neighbor sun (star) Proxima Centauri already experienced its solar flash. Evidence of the approaching sheet can be followed by tracking the physical changes in the celestial bodies (planets) it combines with along its path. Where is it NOW?


Last, we examine what this really does mean for us all as a human race, and what we can realistically do about it.




(Thanks to Ronnie for this!)

Astrology says imagination goes into overdrive as February starts, when Mercury arrives in super-sensitive Pisces. It can be difficult to control fears and anxieties with this Mercury transit, so make a conscious effort to think positively. For anyone seeking romance and passion, the arrival of Venus in Aries on February 7 is good news, but remember that with Aries energy, anger is never far away.

A warm-hearted and generous Leo Full Moon on February 9 brings a sense of fulfilment and completion, especially for creative projects – it’s time to reflect on the journey so far and to congratulate yourself for what you’ve achieved.

February 16 is an interesting day – Mercury turns Retrograde, and on the same day, Mars moves into ambitious Capricorn. Mercury Retrograde in Pisces is a very inward-looking energy, and it does tend to dim confidence and self-esteem. Mars in Capricorn, on the other hand, is very bold and determined, and wants to get ahead at all costs. Balancing these two very different energies will be a challenge for anyone hoping to move ahead in their career this month. Perhaps the key is to be fearless in promoting your talents, but to do it with humility and kindness.

A promising Mars-Uranus trine on February 21 is excellent news for entrepreneurs and anyone else willing to make things happen. Two days later on the 23rd, a spiritual New Moon in Pisces urges us to take note of our dreams and the whispers of synchronicity that surround us in everyday coincidences and chance events.


Here’s the possibility and probability of physical symptom issues we can experience because of the sun and the earth’s interactions with the coming Plasma Magnetic Sheet.

Although we had this up last month, we are leaving this information here because, well, these symptoms won’t go away, they’ll only get worse. And you should be aware of what they are.


How do Solar Flares Affect Us? What are Solar Flares?

“A solar flare is a sudden flash of brightness observed near the Sun’s surface. It involves a very broad spectrum of emissions, requiring an energy release of up to 6 × 1025 joules of energy  (roughly the equivalent of 160,000,000,000 megatons of TNT… “ Wikipedia

Solar flares are a space weather phenomenon that can greatly impact our human bodies and lives, biologically affect us, and consequently affect our ability to cope. They can influence our brain activity and sense of equilibrium, central nervous system, psycho-physiological and emotional self as well as behavioral tendencies.

On a higher consciousness level they serve to transform us on a cellular level, and they can tear apart old patterns and influence us to make changes in our life, even if it is from a more sub-conscious level. This internal shifting might bring fears up to the surface.

Keep this in mind when preparing the “common sense” physical issues of living in a world turned upside down, and protecting yourself and your family.

Here are some common specific symptoms people might experience during a period of solar storm activity:

headaches or migraines, the feeling of pressure in your head

feeling ‘off,’ agitated, uneasy or out of kilter

lethargy, exhaustion

nausea, queeziness

heart fluttering, racing or palpitations

hyper-tension (high blood pressure)

hot flashes

high-pitched ringing of the ears

dizziness, the jitters or vertigo

visual disturbances

feeling confused, bewildered, unclear, foggy-headed or sporadic short-term memory loss or forgetfulness

issues with sleep such as interrupted sleep, waking up too early or late, not feeling like you had enough

vivid or stressful dreams

feeling stressed

anxiety & worrying

irritable mood

depression,, sadness grief, despair

increased sensitivity

general overwhelm or feeling like you just can’t cope

the feeling of losing track of time, or  “Where did my day go?”

you might also notice technological & tele-communication disturbances, such as computers going haywire

​(please always see a doctor if you are concerned about any symptoms)–geomagnetic-storms-affect-us.html



Here’s the issues that have to do with what we may be feeling and going through due to the electromagnetic field changes our sun is both causing and reacting to.

In the half-hour video below Aluna Ash shares with us her take on the coming energy in 2020



Here’s the news about the coming earth changes and what we are able to see heading towards our Solar System now!

Four Different Coming Earth Changes Converge

Galactic magnetic energy PLASMA SHEET 2-Electric energy SOLAR FLASH (a result of the magnetic SHEET combined with an electric CME flare)  3-growing ICE AGE  4-POLE REVERSAL

Other earth changes which will combine with the galactic magnetic plasma sheet coming our way through the galaxy are the   3) growing ice age and the    4) pole reversal. These, and the micro nova of our sun (the Flash), will converge to effect the conditions we will find on earth at that time.


You have a friend in Ben Davidson. As difficult as it is to understand all this information about cosmology, Ben works to make it easy to understand.  If you have to, watch the video over and over again to “get it”.

Third movie about Solar Flash –

“The galactic sheet has begun arriving in our solar system already and has begun taking it’s toll …”

As we wrote in one of the main articles when we first started the StarSeed Origin Scan website , the magnetic plasma sheet has already flashed on our nearest neighbor star, Proxima Centauri. (In 2012).

Ben from Suspicious Observers confirms this with science (from NASA and other telescopes, and math). Ben tracks the location and trajectory.

The farthest star that our telescopes can reach and be able to tell what’s going on, 9 billion light years away, is the star Ross. We can tell it has already experienced it’s super nova, in the late 1990s. The next star is Bernards star, 6 billion light years away, it too has already experienced it’s super nova. It happened after Ross flashed. The star next in line after that one, as the galactic magnetic plasma sheet makes its way to us, was Proxima Centauri, almost 4 billion light years away. It experienced it’s supernova in 2012. The next star in line is Sol, our sun.

Also affected are the various planets in its path, as they orbit around our sun and come in contact with the plasma sheet. It seems as if what Ben is saying is Mars (the red planet) is now showing signs of being affected. That is a good indication of why we, on earth, are also feeling the different results from the energies of the magnetic plasma sheet. (Earthquakes, monsoons, other extreme weather.) As it wafts through the solar system and the different planetary orbits cross its path, (while it’s on its way to the sun), the planets are affected. Our own planetary orbit is already occasionally converging with the sheet.

We know Saturn and Uranus have been affected. Jupiter has been affected, Neptune has been affected. Mars is showing signs. We who live on Earth are beginning to feel affected in different ways and Earth is showing signs, resulting from being engulfed in the sheet. All that will be left to take place is when the sheet finally reaches the sun and forms the connection – the “cord” – between the earth and the sun. Earth will still be wafting in the sheet as it’s far edge touches the sun, making the connection between the earth and the sun.

Signs In The Sky (8 minutes)

Here again is an interesting activity by one of the richest men on earth. Most people who are investors follow the big players to see what they do with their money, and then they do it too. How is this one for you… Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon conglomerate, is creating a “bug out bag” of HUGE proportions. Suspicious Observers gives you a sneak peek at what he is doing, here. The SO video itself is short, included within it is the eye-opening information on what Jeff Bezos is doing. (A “bug out bag” is both literal and symbolic of being prepared in and for an emergency.) People like Jeff Bezos, people in a position such as he is … rich … are connected to information that we don’t have access to. When you start to see people moving into places like this, you know it’s time to get ready.



SAFE ZONES 13 minute video of SAFE ZONES

Wondering where safe zones would be to keep you alive and thriving after the pole-shifting event, which will incorporate the cold climate change and Earth’s upheaval caused by the CME driven solar flash micro nova? It is estimated that when the polls shift and the earth’s crust reverses, the planet’s oceans will undoubtedly be displaced, spreading a 2 to 3 mile thick layer of water across the continent. Indeed, across the world. Ben investigates the high spots and reports on them on each continent. Connect to his event prepping wisdom thru here.

How to grow POTATOES in a plastic bag

How to grow 200 pounds of food in the cold of winter.

A bit different – but leave it to a woman (a mom!) to think of these.

In an extinction level event – which a pole shift will be – you and your family need to be able to rely on yourself. Everybody else will be scrambling.


Looking for some knowledgeable help with PROPHECY here …… We are looking to add a section about PROPHECY to this report.  Not because of, or within, its religious context – but simply because ancient texts all foretold and documented the occurrences of the Solar Flash. Either that it was coming, that it already came, or what would happen when it did come. If you know any of these prophetic words, and can quote their source, please share … we’ll add that information every month here. Email your info, along with your name and information (we’ll only share your first name, but we like to know who we’re talking to) to:  Please put the word PROPHECY REPORTING in the subject line. Thank you!

Last month’s Solar Flash DNA Activation ENERGY UPDATE

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Okay, StarSeeds, get ready – let’s SPARKLE!



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