Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATE – January 2020

SOLAR FLASH DNA Activation  ENERGY UPDATE –           January 2020

This UPDATE contains what we know now about the Solar Flash. 2 NEW categories have been added, “tracking where the plasma sheet is”, and “what you can do”.

This Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATE will always start with our THOUGHTS ON … a commentary on the issues in our collective lives we all come face-to-face with as this ENERGY UPDATE brings them to mind. Issues we all are faced with now or which we will be faced with in the near future.

1) a brand new monthly astrological update for January 2020
2) body symptoms you may feel
3) mental and emotional states you may be experiencing
4) tracking  where the plasma sheet is
5) what you can do



Changing Density For DNA Activation

We physically exist in 3 dimensions. Height, width, and depth exist as three dimensions in space. The fourth dimension is time. We exist in that dimension also, as we live in the construct of space/time. We go from one point to another point – from here to there – in SPACE, and it takes us a certain amount TIME to do that.

The understanding that we as StarSeeds have is that we currently actually exist in four dimensions  – height … width … length … time.  And we CAN experience the fifth dimension, (“dimension” IS experience) by adjusting our experience through meditation . Meditation allows us to access the fifth density (5D) through the experience (5d) we have while meditating.

So how do we get to the fifth DENSITY?

How do we get, or change, to the fifth density? And, is that (the Solar Flash) the ONLY way we can permanently enter and remain in 5D? (No it’s not, but it IS one way we will all have to go through … the experience of living through the Flash to 5D will embrace us if we are still in 4D form when the Flash shows up here. More about 5D In February’s Update.)

The Role of Solar Outbursts on Civilization

These galactic trigger events … to me, may be considered as a giant cleansing mechanism, whereby out-dated and distorted realities – karmic constructs – are broken down and reality reconstituted through a Shift into a more harmonious alignment. Distorted civilizations have been devastated before, in events that concurrently precipitate a wave of souls ascending into higher vibrational realities. It’s crucial to say that such catastrophe is a double sided coin. For those that have done the inner work, the cataclysm becomes the catalyst for higher dimensional transition.” [emphasis added]

Pole Reversal

The magnetic pole reversal has been tracked and followed by multiple government and secular watchdogs and agencies. The north pole has left Canada and is on its way to Indonesia, while the south pole that used to be in the Antarctic has left and it’s on its way up north to meet the North Pole. This has happened, geologically, every 12,000 years, from what could be studied in the ice cores. It happed 12 years ago. And is happening now.

Sacred Geometry 

Sacred Geometry is seen in the videos from NASA of the cyclones on Jupiter, they even draw the line overlay on the pictures to show you, on the video. The point is, molecules of everything that exists hold shapes, geometric shapes which fit together to create forms of density which we can see. These molecules consist of the chemicals of gasses and other materials that make up the forms, and the shapes are functions of the electromagnetic energy of that.  And in this video, NASA is showing you.

Sacred Geometry has long been an ancient mystical “secret” of how things work … kept “secret” by the ruling classes so they would be able to hold power over those who in their opinion are simple people. But it has been told in recent years that “they” MUST tell you everything, and you will hear them, if you are listening. Kind of like the saying, “for those who have the ears to hear and the eyes to see“. So here it is folks, without telling you what they are telling you or why, they are telling you, fulfilling the galactic law. For more information about sacred geometry, visit the website and look for the tab called TOOLS.

The full Suspicious Observers


Last month we spoke about Gamma Rays, and it seems we are not the only ones who got that download of information.


Here’s what is coming up, in this Update…


In these ENERGY UPDATES  we will first take a look at the astronomical star chart for the month, because that energy first and foremost affects everything we do in our lives.

Thanks to Ronnie for this! As time goes on, it will be interesting to see if this 25,000 year Solar Flash cycle interrupts the “normal” astrological predictions.  Or not.


After that we will take a look at how we may be physically feeling because of the activity – or inactivity –  of the sun. Then we will explore how the sun may be affecting us mentally and emotionally.

3.9 light years away, our nearest neighbor sun (star) Proxima Centauri already experienced its solar flash. Evidence of the approaching sheet can be followed (sort of) by tracking the physical changes in the celestial bodies (planets) it combines with along its path.


Last, we examine what this really does mean for us all as a human race, and what we can realistically do about it.



(Thanks to Ronnie for this!
2020 carries some of the most potent cosmic energy we have seen in a long time and this is mainly due to the alignment of Pluto and Saturn, which peaks in January 2020. 

The alignment of these two planets is going to set the tone for the entire year and our soul, along with Planet Earth is going to be learning how to harmonize with this ultra potent energy.

What is coming in 2020 feels like a huge opportunity to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. The vibration of the planet is going to be shifting and rising, and as this energy draws closer, our spiritual growth will be accelerated. This is a huge ascension and awakening process, but like all processes of moving into the light, there has to be some darkness as well.

2020 is not necessarily about wading through the darkness in order to “fix” it, instead it is about rising above it. It is about raising ourselves so high that the darkness has no choice but to fall away.

The darkness is too heavy to carry into this new wave of being, so we have to unpack and let it go, in order to harmonize with the planet and the cosmos. And, the time to begin shedding, assessing, and evaluating is in 2019, for when 2020 rolls around, the time to rise would have already begun.

Now is the time to release, now is the time to unpack, now is the time to think about what you can shed and let go of in order to move into the new, and many of the cosmic alignments in 2019 were pointing to this.

If we take the first five months of 2019 previously, we can see a pattern emerged. From January to May, time had been speeding up as we have experienced a string of potent Full Moons. In January we had a Blood Moon Eclipse, followed by a trio of Super Moons. We also had two Full Moons falling in the same sign back to back, and a Seasonal Blue Moon.

All of these unusual Full Moons reveal a deeper theme from the Universe. We were, and are, being called to release, we are being called to let go, and this process is being accelerated.

While it’s always a good idea to release the things that weigh us down and hold us back, this is not just about releasing your old boyfriend or your negative self-talk. This is deeper and perhaps you felt it as 2019 moved further along.

Under this new energy, we are slowly being called to shed and peel back the layers of society and of life as we know it.

This is about allowing everything you know to crumble. This is about surrendering to all that you think you are and all that you have been. This is about letting go of not just your past but also your future.

This is about shedding and releasing everything you have ever believed, desired, dreamed, or wanted. This is about total surrender.

Everything is up for questioning. Everything is up for review. Everything you ever thought or believed in is going to be challenged. Some things will stick, some things will remain the same, but others will have to be shed, released, transformed, and done away with.

Who you thought you were is changing, and the world is changing too.

Whatever is brewing in 2020 is not happening overnight. These changes, these upgrades, these waves of energy have been bubbling in the undercurrent of our lives, and while we may not see the full outcome or direction fully till farther along in 2020, we are being prepped right now.

In the last quarter of 2019 you were being called to change, to release, to awaken, and to step into more of your authentic self.
These were the months where you were  able to get a small taste of what is to come on both a global and personal level.

While we are being called to empty ourselves, so too is Planet Earth. In 2020 we may see changes in the economy, in government and politics, and the environment. We may also see changes in how we approach love, motivation, fame, and success as a society.

As Saturn and Pluto are the main players in this energy, we may also see issues arise when it comes to power, structure, and order.
While I don’t believe its entirely possible to predict what is exactly going to happen on a political or global level, we can look to the past to help us see what has happened under similar astrological alignments.

2020’s energy is unique, but if we look back through world events, a common thread seems to be an abuse of power, whether this is through wars, recessions, or revolutions. While an “abuse of power” can manifest in many different ways and can even take on different meanings, this is classically what we have seen.

While there may be an abuse of power in some capacity or issues relating to an abuse of power, it also means that there is a change of power in the works as well. When abuse comes into play, it is only a matter of time before something is done to change, correct, or fix the situation, and hopefully, in this case, it can be resolved for the better.

The alignments of 2020 will trickle into 2021, so who knows when we will see the major changes manifest, but the effects of whatever happens is likely to be long-lasting.

While we may see things playing out on the world stage that is of concern, on an energetic level, this is a time where we can really ascend and separate ourselves from the heaviness of the old ways of thinking.

This is a time where we can lift ourselves up, not to be free of darkness necessarily, but so we can enter into a lighter and more authentic state of being.

A channelled message from my heart to yours:
Rise up, rise up. This our time to shine. Your soul was destined to be on this Earth at this time for these waves of ascension. You knew it was coming and you are ready for this. Keep lifting yourself higher, keep accepting and owning yourself, for that is key.

Lifting higher is not about removing all negativity and never making a mistake, it is about being real.

It is about owning the human experience in all its many facets.
Own the good stuff and the bad, know that life is just a game to be had. There really is no beginning or end, life is not all there is, but for the short time that we are here, it is our duty to make the best of it, the most of it, and to honor it for all it can do.

Life in all its definitions brings amazing things to this world and to the next, so get living.


Here is where we’ll report on the possibility and probability of physical symptom issues we can experience because of the sun and the earth’s interactions with the coming Plasma Magnetic Sheet.

Solar wind can wreck havoc with our mental abilities, and a lack of sun spots seems to intensify autoimmune symptoms. We cannot predict WHEN either of these will show up, at all, but the more we watch the more we will learn.

We’ll keep track of them, and then we can reflect back on them to know why we were feeling so much turmoil and incoherence back then. And, it will help us measure and gauge the approaching changes.


Suspicious Observers has been tracking the KP index through out the whole month of December 2019. The sun spots have been strangely sparse, which translates into a warning for all suffers of autoimmune disease, but also points to a high alert for cardiac patients and mental issues. If you’ve been feeling strange, you are not alone!  They have created a Health App, we’ll catch up on it and keep you posted. Look for it in this space next month.


Here is where we’ll report on the issues that have to do with what we may be feeling and going through due to the electromagnetic field changes our sun is both causing and reacting to.

Usually we’ll distill posts from Aluna Ash here, and often we’ll add some other info as well.


In the video below Aluna Ash shares with us some important information about how we are affected emotionally by the energies and some of the physical symptoms we could be feeling in this month of January, the start of this new year 2020.

A prominent highlight of Aluna Ash’s channel is the fact that she’s been getting messages about the year 2020. It is a midpoint of a cycle of eclipses, from 2017 to 2024.  In 2024 there will be another cycle of eclipses crossing the United States from the south west to the Northeast. The two cycles of eclipses, over time , form an X pattern over the country and at the point where they converge is a point of an integration of planetary unity consciousness.

(Interesting note here is that David Wilcock asserts that currently , so far, all scientific events and other evidence point to the fact it will be approximately that year – the year 2024 – the year Aluna alludes to – which will bring the Solar Flash- although all ancient religious texts say no one knows the exact day or time. Because no one really can know! An Aboriginal prophecy we’ve included below claims it will begin to happen when Saturn and Pluto conjunction in 2020.)

There is a lot happening with major cycles between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. There is an energetic division that will transpire, allowing people, as a collective and as individuals, to see the duality present in their life and make choices in alignment with what they truly feel and believe. It is symbolic of strength, grace, courage, healing.

The position of Saturn allows for a deeper connection with consciousness . There is an understanding at a soul level that there is a lot happening for a lot of people at this time. Our masculine and feminine will be coming together into perspective, our thoughts and emotions will be merging. Our conscious and subconscious will be coming together, merging, into our awareness.

(Saturn is a planet of deep meaning and dark agendas. This may come as a surprise to many StarSeeds. These Solar Flash ENERGY UPDATES will explore the use and misuse of both our own moon and Saturn in future upcoming posts … not by us humans. As StarSeeds, this is your history and your heritage. You deserve to know this information.)   

A solar eclipse activates the cosmic energies that have been integrated from the lunar eclipse.  You may be finding yourself to be more and more psychic about what other people are thinking and feeling. Sometimes, because of becoming more and more psychic, you may feel as if you are being attacked but in reality you are just reading the “soul conversation“ of other people, a conversation they are having within themselves to become more in alignment with what they feel and believe. A balance of individual thoughts and emotions emerge, and from that the group consciousness is easier to get in touch with.

From there we will become more in touch with the solar and cosmic consciousness, and from there universal or unity consciousness. Unity consciousness  becomes easier and natural.

Aluna ends with the insight of 2020 being a time of building upon what you have already learned. More people will develop an awareness of how to really create.


Here is where we’ll report on the news about the coming earth changes and what we are able to see heading towards our Solar system now!


Four Different Coming Earth Changes Will Converge

1) Galactic magnetic energy PLASMA SHEET (a regular cycle)

2-Electric energy SOLAR FLASH (a result of the magnetic SHEET combined with an electric CME flare) (a regular cycle)

3-growing ICE AGE  (a regular cycle)

4-POLE REVERSAL (a regular cycle)

Earth changes which will combine with the galactic magnetic plasma sheet coming our way through the galaxy are the   3) growing ice age and the    4) pole reversal. These, and the micro nova of our sun (the Flash), will converge to effect the conditions we will find on earth at that time.

Suspicious Observers posted a new video (on Christmas Eve!) revealing their knowledge about how close the magnetic plasma sheet really is to us right now – you don’t want to miss this. See the science in graphics, it helps to get the info into the consciousness. Ben makes it interesting. Watch it (below) a few times to fully grasp it.

Signs In The Sky (8 minutes)

As we wrote in one of the main articles when we first started the StarSeed Origin Scan website , the magnetic plasma sheet has already flashed on our nearest neighbor star, Proxima Centauri. (In 2012).  Ben from Suspicious Observers confirms this with science (from NASA and other telescopes, and math). Ben tracks the location and trajectory.

(He is putting out another new video about the trajectory of The Sheet, we will include that next month.) (Update here before this is published … his film is out, we will include it in next months post)

Also affected are the various planets in its path, as they orbit around our sun and come in contact with the plasma sheet. It seems as if what Ben is saying is Mars (the red planet) is now showing signs of being affected. That is a good indication of why we, on earth, are also feeling the different results from the energies of the magnetic plasma sheet. As it wafts through the solar system and the different planetary orbits cross its path, (while it’s on its way to the sun), the planets are affected. Our own planetary orbit is already occasionally converging with the sheet.

We know Saturn and Uranus has been affected. Jupiter has been affected, Neptune has been affected. Mars is showing signs. We who live on Earth are beginning to feel affected in different ways and Earth is showing signs, resulting from being engulfed in the sheet. All that will be left to take place is for the sheet to finally reach the sun and form the connection between the earth and the sun. The way I understand it, Earth will still be wafting in the sheet as it’s far edge touches the sun, making the connection between the earth and the sun.

This quote from a cosmological newsletter describes the connection the magnetic plasma sheet will create between the earth and the sun. When this happens, it will create the “Solar Flash”…….

“Aboriginal lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed. This ritual was meant to fulfill the great plan of the Earth Spirit. Once the ritual is consummated, ‘perfection will spread throughout the world’. In other words, this ritual will open the way from 4th to 5th world consciousness.’ This event is symbolized by a great pole, or cosmic umbilical cord, which unites Earth with the Sun. It is predicted that this cord will begin to function in 2020 AD, at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.”

The Sheet is the “pole”, the umbilical cord. The plasma sheet is the magnetic medium connecting to the electrical energy from the sun. It is as simple as connecting a circuit. When that circuit – that circle – touches us … well …

Here is something I found regarding when Saturn and Pluto conjunct…

“January 12th 2020 – Saturn perfects its conjunction with Pluto at 22° Capricorn 46′. February 2021 – Saturn is 10° past Pluto out-of-sign, a full decan’s worth. The transit is done. They’re not even co-present again until 2052.May 1, 2019

5 Tips For Surviving the 2019-2020 Saturn-Pluto Conjunction …”

“Saturn and Pluto are two of the more feared planets in our solar system and in early 2020, they’re meeting up in the zodiac. Saturn is boundaries, limitations, and fears. Pluto is extremes, warping and distortion. In conjunction, they become like each other, Saturn is taken to Plutonian extremes, whereas Pluto becomes concrete and realized. Saturn is poisoned or made “radioactive” by Pluto, whereas Pluto is weighed down and made heavy by Saturn. Put them together and you get a planetary complex surrounding issues of extraordinary gravity: apocalyptic fears, indomitable hatreds, systems of oppression.”


Just remember, a broken system can’t be changed with the same thoughts, tools, and energy that it was created from. Albert Einstein said THAT.

Signs In The Sky (8 minutes)

Well, here’s something unexpected. Most people who are investors follow the big players to see what they do with their money, and then they do it too. How is this one for you… Jeff Bezos, the owner of the Amazon conglomerate, is creating a “bug out bag” of HUGE proportions. Suspicious Observers gives you a sneak peek at what he is doing, here. The SO video itself is short, included within it is the eye-opening information on what Jeff Bezos is doing. (A “bug out bag” is both literal and symbolic of being prepared in and for an emergency.) People like Jeff Bezos, people in a position such as he is … rich … are connected to information that we don’t have access to. When you start to see people moving into places like this, you know it’s time to get ready.  video, what happens when the earths magnetic poles flip?  Tech Insider video. Dry but informative 14 minutes a PBS film with obvious promotion by NASA with what they want you to know. An acceptable place to start. “They” HAVE to tell you.  But always keep in mind what the NASA acronym REALLY means… Never A Straight Answer   Unstoppable solar cycles   Young vibe 13 minute video W/ scientific backup

DIY Oil Lamp


An anomaly “they” named STEVE – green and purple. What is the significance of green and purple.



Wow. Nothing. Really. Except be ready to have your DNA upgraded by the GammaRay burst that results from the electromagnetic signal that is created when the three points come together… the three points of the electric exacerbated solar flash, the magnetic plasma sheet, and us. The energy convergence point.

It’s then that you may be glad you already know how to use your mind to consciously raise your awareness (your frequency) to take advantage of those gamma ray bursts coming from the Solar Flash – because you will have already conditioned your mind to produce gamma brain waves through meditation.  (You will truly be meeting “Christ” in the air.)  It’s the gamma rays that will transform the DNA … into 5th density.

Without that ability, you may have to rely on your raw ability to survive, instead. You can. It’s been done before. Some of you with small children may choose to. You can. It’s been done before. The proof is WE ARE STILL HERE.

 Just know, decide, choose what you are going to do, and choose to be prepared.

Aside from all the practical and provisional stuff we can do to make life comfortable while the world is literally falling apart around us (typical prepping things), preparing by practicing to raise our energy frequency through meditation would be a wise thing to do. A wise thing to know how to do no matter what you choose. 

With that said, Suspicious Observers has put out a map of safe zones, this first one taking into account how the movement of the earths crust may cause the oceans to slosh over the land masses. They will have more videos coming out about the affect of how weather can change the safe zones, but for now you may want to watch this one.

This month we’ll start – (at least that is our intention)  –  with additional information coming out between the monthly Flash updates exploring both of those, both 1) how to meditate to achieve gamma brain waves, and 2) some common sense preparing for possible rough times ahead.


Last month’s Solar Flash DNA Activation ENERGY UPDATE

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We’ll meet again here for another new UPDATE on the first of the month, next month… Or, will see you in the next 5D density!

Okay, StarSeeds, get ready.

Elaine & Ronnie



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