Why does your quantum connection fluctuate?

When you do all you can to remain in balance, why does your energy waiver?

Different incoming ethereal energies – different frequency vibrations –  do indeed affect everything in our world. And they affect our emotions as well as our physical stamina.  
Where does this variable originate from? 

Consider the stark contrast of the sun, and how its constantly changing face actually changes how the different energies from the cosmos, how the different energies of the zodiac, affects us.

Beginning in December 2019 StarSeed Origin Scan will publish a once-monthly Solar Flash DNA Activation ENERGY UPDATE. 

This Energy Update will connect the dots. We’ll examine the effects of the energies from the electromagnetic cloud which is roaming in to our galaxy, and how it is interacting with the other star systems and other planets. And we’ll examine how it is affecting major points of our human life, in general. 


Energy Update

Every month, once a month, discover the news on how the changing star – our sun – is now affecting  three areas in your life:

1) your physical body symptom issues

2) your mental and emotional state including your energetic astrological issues

3) common sense logistical steps you can take now, and to prepare for the future.

What is already physically changing on the sun? How is it already physically affecting the Earth? How is this a precursor for what will be going on? How do we know this will affect us? Do we have any proof? These are the things this once-a-month update will explore.

To find out more about what the SOLAR FLASH DNA ACTIVATION is and why so many people, including us, are looking forward to it… visit the page “Where You Are Going” on our blog,  HERE  .

Get the Mission Download Course HERE and you’ll be signed up forthese monthly SOLAR FLASH Energy Updates notices. If you already get the Sunday morning Mission Download emails, watch your inbox on the first of every month  for the new Energy Update.


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