What IS a StarSeed? Are YOU a StarSeed?  How would you know?

You know you come from somewhere. But, where? How could you know?

What good will it do you to find out? How could you use this information?

Is there a reason why so many StarSeeds have come to Earth at this time in this particular epoch of history? Is there an event, a development, an incident that is about to occur? Is there a milestone, a phenomenon, an occurrence, a coming shift that we are all waiting for? How do we know it is really coming? Is there scientific proof?

It would be great if, as StarSeeds, if we could know for sure where we came from. If we could remember. It would help answer some questions about things that have happened in our lives, but more importantly answer questions about what is going on now. Are we really from out there? From the stars? WHICH STARS? Can we be sure?

Using The Tool To Tell

There is a tool, a physical tool, which can read your personal energy systems and combine the readings with the knowledge now known (from various channellings through different people) regarding what star systems do exist and what StarSeeds there are which exist. And this diagnostic tool, then, can be used to discern which star system you are from, what origin of StarSeed you are.

Harmonic Translation (HT) is a computer-based bio-energy scan which is commonly used as a diagnostic tool in this modern age to read energy systems (such as meridians or chakras), for information regarding the health of the physical body. It can also be used as a diagnostic tool to both read and relieve the stress levels of different physical body systems and organs.  HT has been used to help with diagnoses by medical doctors who understand the intuitive component to reading the energy systems of the body through the HT technology.

In fact, the modern day ECG (ElectroCardioGram), formerly the EKG, is a medical tool which is one aspect of the technology known as Harmonic Translation .

The radionics technology from which the modern day modality of HT is derived was developed in the 1940s. Originally it was developed for agricultural purposes, to discover the amount of minerals in farmland soil. The modern day medical technology of the ECG is one branch, and HT is an application which is another branch of the same physical technology.


An HT scan is an energetic reflection of you. But it’s not your physical energy that we will be looking at, it is your essence, your soul energy. An HT StarSeed Scan can give you the information you need to possibly help you identify and resolve issues which you otherwise couldn’t have done.

An HT scan is indeed a method of “dowsing”, with a sophisticated FEEDBACK SYSTEM that “speaks” back to you in English, through the written word, through the computer program. That’s all it is.

The information is within you, and I use a fancy computer software program within a specifically designed receptor attachment (to the computer) to isolate and “pick up” the energy signatures your own heart is giving out. 

Anyone, even you, could use this interface and get this same information, if you had access to this equipment and were trained in how to use it. (Kind of like an EKG ElectroCardioGram machine, of which this equipment is a “sister”).

Remembering, or at the very least knowing, would help answer some questions about things that have happened in our lives, but more importantly can answer questions about what is going on now. Are we really from out there? From the stars? Can we be sure?

And then, what does it mean for us today?

In 2010 I used the electronic computer-based bio energy Harmonic Translation scan equipment and created the HT StarSeed Scan. At that time, I used whatever information was available on StarSeeds. Who they are, where they came from, everything. But there wasn’t that much available out there, at all. Still, I used what was available to me and the scans revealed an incredible amount of information which helped dozens of people.

Things happened between then and now, as things always happen in life. (I am sure I am here to learn how to heal MS.) I am finally back in the game, dusting off the old equipment, and updating the StarSeed Scan. When I am done redoing the protocol to incorporate the new and updated information, I will make the scans available to the public again.

The Protocol

What This Scan Won’t Tell You

This scan won’t tell your future. This is not an astrological reading. This is not tarot cards. This is not numerology. This is not anything to base your future decisions on. This scan is not done with a pendulum. This scan will not give you any advice. You’ll need to make your own decisions regarding the information it gives you.

What This Scan WILL Tell You

This scan WILL tell you if you are an old soul – or not. This scan WILL tell you if you are here to purposely hold a space of light, if you have a specific job to do, or if you came here just to observe. This scan WILL give you the past StarSeed occurrences your soul has experienced – of any of the ones we have available, anyway.

This scan WILL tell you these things, CAN tell you these things, because the computer interface allows me to request that information in written English from your very own hearts energy signature. And your energy signature chooses the answer.

(I am updating the current list by adding new StarSeed location information every day, while I am working on recording the updates. Visit this link to access more information about the scan process  ) 

When you receive your scan results, you will also receive detailed information about your StarSeed characteristics. You may certainly recognize yourself in your result characteristics, and it may open your eyes as to why things are the way they are for you.

More Information

Today, I have been able to gather more extensive and detailed information about what being a StarSeed means, and where StarSeeds come from. About why StarSeeds are here. And finally, about where they are going. I’ll be making this information available, a bit at a time, in the StarSeed blog posts.

Get on the list and get notified, I’ll be making scan appointments again soon!

To stay updated about when the scan protocols are finally done, and for the StarSeed material as it is revised, access here now: email signup link HERE




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