The Harmonic Translation StarSeed Origin Scan is a computer based bio-energy scan  which reads the stored ancient information in your cells and in your being.

The information this particular scan reads is your stored essence, your stored soul information.

This HT scan is an energetic reflection of you. But it’s not your physical energy that we will be looking at, it is your essence, your soul energy. An HT StarSeed Scan can give you the information you need to possibly help you identify and resolve issues, or know things about yourself,  which you otherwise couldn’t have done.

You will need to fill out a FOCUS FORM, with your full name, your email address, your payment information, your birthdate, and acknowledge your permission. The Focus Form information helps to dial-in to YOU. The HT intuitive technology cannot access your soul information without your permission.  When you fill out the Focus Form and pay for this reading it is read and interpreted as your permission to access everything about you in your Akashic records.

You will be contacted within 48 hours from sending in your payment, with the dates of the appointment week that your scan will take place. (You will be contacted from my personal and private email address.  Your payment receipt will also have my email address on it, so you can get in touch with me if you need to.)  Your scan will take place on any given day during that specific week.  As soon as your scan is complete you will receive the results in email. If you change your mind, you may receive a refund if it is requested before the first day of your appointment week. 

(If you are requesting and paying for a scan for someone else who does not have their own internet account, such as a child or elderly person,  please contact me using the email address you find on your receipt after payment, and give me the full name and birthdate of the person you are paying for.)

Scans take anywhere from one hour to up to four hours. The average is two to two and a half hours.  (I’ve done one which took up to six hours! But thankfully, only one.) If you are a young soul, your scan will not be as involved and will be one of the shorter ones.  If you are an old soul, your scan will have more info and will be one of the longer ones. It does not matter how old you are chronologically.

The scan report you receive back will be detailed information  about everything that your completed scan shows you tested positive for.  What ever you did not test positive for will not be listed in your report.

To read more about what Harmonic Translation is,  what it can do, and what it is capable of, go HERE  )

To order your StarSeed Origin Scan, go HERE

( I am working on updating the scan and all of the new information that has come to light since the last time I did the scans. If you are signed up for StarSeed and Mystery Revelation Mission Download Course , you will be notified when the scans are available again.  Be sure you are signed up to keep updated. )



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