How To Manifest ANYTHING. Without TIME.

The ONLY REASON healing, money, or anything else you may want to “create” MAY take time –once you “get” HOW to actually DO it …… The only reason anything you may want to create may take time, (healing, a new job, a new relationship, anything … ), is because the time that it does take is your personal learning curve. Your “practice time”. It’s YOU that determines the amount of time your new creation is taking.

The fact that you don’t seem to have, in physical reality, what you know you have created in your mind is simply representative of the lack of your ability to actually get and stay within that creative energetic frequency within your mind and heart, consistently  … ... because if you were able to do that, at that very moment your body’s energetic frequency (or your environment’s) would match the new reality you have created in your mind, then that’s exactly what would show up in your physical reality. …………

If something isn’t showing up for you – yet – you haven’t learned yet how to control your frequency with your feelings. Or then how to control your feelings by using your thoughts. Or THEN how to control your thoughts by your conscious decisions. It takes practice. And that practice is why you don’t create (conjure, manifest) instantaneously. You need to become good at it. You need to practice that skill. You NEED that time.

But guess what … you can!

After my morning meditation today, I was inspired to go to YouTube and happened on this short three minute video explaining exactly what to practice to allow for manifestation. It’s link is directly below.


Why You Can’t Manifest – and How To Fix It

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