This Is What You Forgot

You forgot that you do indeed have StarSeed super powers.

And you forgot how to use them. And you need to learn how to use those  super powers again, fast.

There isn’t much time left. The solar system is about to go through a huge shift, which some of us are calling the “Solar Flash.” We know this because of the scientific data now coming to light about the cycles of time the cosmos is going through. And because of the “Solar Flash” just experienced by our nearest star neighbor, Proxima Centauri, as evidenced by the photo taken – above – with the infamous Hubble Telescope.

“In the twinkling of an eye” our human StarSeed DNA is about to get an upgrade. From that moment on, this next density in our lives will have the richness  of the abilities to instantaneously do what we are here to practice doing now .

Lost Over Time

Over time, we lost our understanding of the process of HOW to create magic. Of how to DO something. Of how to use our StarSeed Superpowers. You see, when we incarnate to earth we do “forget” things about our past corporeal form. This is convenient for us, for our soul, so that our bodies don’t remember bad things, (“fight or flight” from the get-go is not a good idea), and so that we are open to learning lessons we need to progress.

But we DON’T have to forget HOW to use our superpowers, HOW to accomplish getting things done. It’s hard, but at the same time it is very easy. It is easy once you know what the steps are. The easy part is what you will find here in this StarSeed Origin Scan website, in the blog posts, and especially in the Mission Download Course. In each of these venues you will learn the steps which are required to make real magic in your world. The steps you need to change things.

Learn The Technology

These steps will tell you about a certain capability, a kind of innate “technology”, which we all have within us. The technology to actually move reality. And we ALL DO, every day. We simply don’t know that we are doing it. Even if we think that might be the case, we cannot define or “put a finger on” exactly HOW to do it. We forgot. It is within the Mission Download Course and within the continuing blog posts you will learn, and remember, how to use your StarSeed power.

Thank you for accessing this information. If you choose to sign up for the StarSeed Mystery Revelation Mission Download Course and the ongoing blog posts, we’ll be sharing with you our knowledge about the information you need to fulfill your mission during your time here on this planet Earth. (And, the Mission Download Course will help you understand what it is!)

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Sparkle On!

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