This Is Where You Are Going


and this is how we are getting there.

We, as StarSeeds, have congregated here on this planet, at this time, because this was the plan all along. This was set up, we set it up. We knew we were coming here. We planned to come here.

We have come from a variety of star systems, but we are all meeting here on this planet at this time. The planet will be going through her own ascension. We have all come here at this time, on this specific planet, in these specific human bodies which were prepared for each of us… for ascension.


We are different star seeds from all different star systems. We all incarnated into the same style human body vehicle, (the upgraded DNA one), on purpose. It was planned this way. For two reasons.

We planned it this way on purpose. We planned it this way because of this specific planet, and its ability to allow for a thriving existence of the one kind of compatible body vehicle which ALL of our StarSeed essences could share.


We planned it this way because
1) we knew the sun and this solar system would be going through a cosmic solar flash and everything in this solar system will be getting a cosmic DNA upgrade, a frequency shift. AND because Earth is the ONE planet with hospitable atmosphere to these human bodies we are inhabiting.  We knew this because we know the cycle of the cleansing magnetic cloud. 

And then,
2) because the adjusted human body is THE ONE vehicle that was, is, compatible with ALL the different StarSeed signatures, all the different StarSeed essences, it was chosen, some say created, as the perfect vehicle . AND, because this human body, with the way the technology of its heart/brain coherence works, has the capability of at least minimally exhibiting the superpowers we were accustomed to (or are about to learn) as a higher dimensional being.  We all decided to incarnate into these bodies, here on this planet at this time to catch and ride the wave of the solar flash and ascension. 

These bodies are built in such a way that they allow us to PRACTICE our knowledge of how to use our StarSeed superpowers. Or, to learn how to use it in the first place, within this vehicle, if we are a young soul.


The DNA of the Neanderthals which inhabited this planet over 200,000 years ago was chosen by the star ancients (also known as the farmer race) who came from various star systems. The DNA was chosen to be modified at that time – not by evolution, but by sudden intervention. This is a provable scientific fact. (Maybe, just maybe, there occurred one of the cyclic solar flashes at that time as well.)

Cro-magnon, or modern man – anatomically modern human – simply suddenly appeared. With chromosome #2 adjusted by splicing (and another chromosome which also had a modification) the human body was then finally ready. Plans could proceed and events would take place which would allow the billions of universal souls to be born into a human body, a body which would then be able to transform within the galactic dimensional shift.

You knew the Solar Flash would be occurring on this planet at this time. You wanted to take advantage of the DNA upgrade. But it is so much more than that. The DNA upgrade will occur within the physical matter of the galaxy, and in all the physical form within it. But what will also occur during the split second of this solar flash from the sun is a dimensional shift. Everything will be upgraded, including our souls, into the next dimension. This is called Ascension.


Everyone, including you – StarSeeds from everywhere – are anxiously awaiting for this to occur. Everyone is also scrambling to remember. You may or may not remember everything about your past existence. Trying to remember it is actually just a diversion.

Your higher self definitely knows, and that’s why you have been led to this information. Fact is, you can’t know and don’t really need to know every detail about your prior existence. It really isn’t important. The important thing for you to remember is HOW TO USE your StarSeed SUPER POWERS!

You have the opportunity to be in the next dimensional shift. You WILL be there, you will experience the Solar Flash, whether you have remembered and begun to use your superpowers, or not. And where you are going AFTER the flash, including how you get there, depends on whether you begin to use those superpowers while you are here, now – or not.


After all, the earth herself will have an upgrade and be different. Nothing will be allowed or able to remain the same. So depending on where your soul is karmically at that time will determine where you go and how you get there, after the flash occurs.

Every historical document of every religion ever recorded retains and has their own version of this dimensional shift which is in effect the cosmic solar flash. Every star, every sun, goes through this flash no matter where it is in the universe. This is the way that the Original Power Source has set in motion a self cleansing process.


Through modern day cosmic observation and physics we have learned there is a cosmic magnetic cloud moving in on the edge of the galaxy. Wherever this cloud passes it is a “natural” EMP (electro-magnetic pulse). When this passes through the Milky Way it will turn off not only technology existent on the Earth, but also any and all AI (Artificial Intelligence) in its path. (And there is plenty AI out in the universe, and it does have a nefarious agenda.)

This cloud has already passed through the star system of Alpha Centauri, on its way here. The star in that system which is nearest to our galaxy has been recorded by NASA as having a solar flash, in 2012. (Some are speculating the cleansing cloud was due at Earth at that time but may have been purposely  diverted in order to allow more StarSeeds more time to go through the process of getting here.)


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