How Morphic Fields Affect You


Whatever your personal intention for calling on a deity, ANY deity, no doubt you seek to connect with your deity.  You seek to align yourself with your deity’s characteristics. When you take on the characteristics of your deity, you are attempting to connect to absorb and imbue yourself with your deity’s potent qualities.

But, any deity that holds power over us, any powers that are attributed to any – thing – only exists because we, each of us, gave, and still GIVE –  it to them, willingly. (And, we need to remember, whoever and whatever that deity is, when we take on their “persona”, we are only able to express power equal to THEIR  limitations. YOUR STARSEED POWERS ARE INFINITELY GREATER THAN THEIRS, when you learn how to use them.) 

This is not a question of whether any deity is indeed alive or not, true or not, real or not. The “One and Only” or not. This is simply a statement that anything which holds power over us is only because we willingly gave the power, our personal power, away to it. We allow the entity, deity, or hoodoo or voodoo doll to have the power over us.

Sometimes we want that. Sometimes, we ask or implore the deity to give us strength. Other times we are attempting to chase away a deity or spirit, or to avoid a deity we think someone else has “sic”ed on us. And, sometimes we desire to sit at the feet of the deity to be instructed in the secrets of the universe.


Consider this. As StarSeeds, we attempt to access another off-world “alien”, a deity, another StarSeed – to obtain a specific change or outcome. As StarSeeds, when we use any of our assumed helpers, contacts, magical tools, any of our sources of power – including our deity – we are engaging in a process whereby we are affirming our own ability to be powerful. Powerful enough to accomplish what we want done, one way or another. Whether we realize our acknowledgment of this or not, the power comes from within us. The power comes from our innate (built-in) technology of heart-brain coherence. THIS is the power that “moves mountains”, literally. 

Deities in particular are part of a morphic field. A morphic field is a consensus frequency flow of energy. Everything in life is part of a morphic field. Your desired brand of politics is in itself a morphic field. The religion you ascribe to is a morphic field. Fans of a specific sports team create a morphic field. Deities have morphic fields. The strength of the morphic field is what contributes power when you use the deity in your working.


We can see this example in the Catholic religion. As the members repeat their daily prayers on their talisman of their rosary beads, they continually reinforce the control which the power of the religion has over its members. Another example, though not nearly as globally widespread, is the conditioning of the eastern philosophy of Feng Shui. While it seems to work “magically“, it only works because the people who ascribe to it give it the power over them and their lives to work. And, therefore, it does.  The energy from the global morphic field can be strong enough to create magic and make it work even for someone who doesn’t believe. 

However here is an important point to remember: things which have a large morphic field will indeed have a stronger and more potent activity, a stronger “hold” over us. The reason for this? It’s because of the sheer number of the people who are believing in it. (Or, through the ages of time, who have believed in it.) Their thoughts and emotional heart felt vibrations are creating more of the same, and strengthening what is already there … the belief in that which already exists.   


As a StarSeed you can use any one of the morphic fields to your advantage, in exactly the same way you would use the energetic properties of an herb, a sigil, a candel, a metal, or a song. Tap into the morphic field of different to access their potent qualities.

Always remember, in any magical work that you do, your own heart-brain coherence is a vital part of the co-creation of what you are choosing to accomplish. The magic comes from within.

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