Influencing Another’s Choice Of Love

 Whatever happened to allowing another being to have and express their own “choice“? Whatever happened to “not trying to manipulate another being“? Whatever happened to “free will”? 

Sometimes, as StarSeeds, we try to use our intention to bring to us things we desire to experience in our life. Sometimes we try to draw to us love. Giving  our intention a vector to travel on,  a pathway, can enable our intention to present it self, to become truly possible.

This vector, this pathway, usually is a simple and mundane every day way we live in our life . The simple, everyday things we participate in out of necessity because we are human and live in this world. Things we can choose to do, to act on to change what already is. Things that will have a positive influence anyway, and when you add your StarSeed intention and magic, the result sparkles!

Apothecary’s Jar People Listening
People Listening

If you want to (ahem) influence love, for instance, you can choose to add the mundane act of “being fully present” when you are interacting with the subject of your designs. When we’re truly present – whether it’s simply with our breath or a tree or a loved one – we become love. This is because in Presence as a spiritual practice, the thoughts release, the heart is receptive, and we experience connection. Connection is love .

In her book Awakening From Anxiety Connie L Habash proclaims “Presence is a deep connection with what is. The mind is quiet and the heart is open… When we’re present with another person, we’re listening, quiet within, and feel a bond, a sense of Oneness.”

She goes on to ask, “Don’t we feel deeply loved when someone else is present with us, when we feel connected to them? It reflects that we’re cherished and valued. We receive the attention and acknowledgement that each of us longs for. We also experience this deep sense of connection by being listened to, receiving eye contact, a thoughtful touch, and most importantly feeling that someone is right there with us, no matter what – all potential expressions of Presence. That profound connection creates Oneness, which is an experience of love.”

According to Scott Peck, the author of the classic, The Road Less Traveled, to LOVE is to extend one’s self for the purpose of one’s own or another’s spiritual growth. That greater sense of love is truly serving the highest good of another. This is what the Law Of One defines as “Service To Others”.

So, the mundane, every day act of being fully present, focusing your attention when listening to, looking at, and extending a touch – maybe even a hug – can go a long way to positively influence the magical world you create around you. Especially when you are choosing to influence your world with love.

Yes, it is true one should not want to, or bother, trying to impose their own will on another being. Whatever may be received back (from the Intended)  is not true. Or real.  What you WILL receive back would be intentions of manipulation by someone else.

The heart only connects when emotions of honest feelings are used. Your intentions of true love will only work when the heart you are intending to connect with chooses to reciprocate. And that is where, and when, using “engaging in the mundane”, being fully present on your part, can pave the way to true love.

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