Is The Quantum Field GOD?


It’s clear that we don’t remember many things about being in our quantum state, the state we exist in before and in between our corporeal beings, our incarnations.

And we may not think about or remember the abilities, or StarSeed power, we can express while in that state.

One of the things we have to do while we are here at this time and in this place is to bring our consciousness up to speed with our innate StarSeed abilities.

But before we can ever get to the point of that expression, we first need to know where our StarSeed  power comes from. Because only in knowing the truth about the power, meaning where it comes from, can we access it to use it. We can’t access it if we don’t know where to find it.


The science of anatomy teaches us that as humans, our heart is the first organ that forms when we are in our mother’s womb. And we know (as the Mission Download Course explains) it is the clear intention of our thoughts when mixed with the elevated emotions of our hearts that create our StarSeed superpowers to change the reality around us, including our body if we choose.

There is a saying, as above so below. We understand and accept the fractal nature of what we see in existence around us. Even the holographic bookmarks we can get at a bookstore show us that. If you cut a piece off and examine it under a microscope, each piece will have the complete whole hologram in it.

What happens on one level of reality also happens on every other level; the microcosm and macrocosm behave alike.  English Wiktionary. Available under CC-BY-SA license.


We can be considered the “below”. But if we are below, what is “above“? What are we a fractal of? We are a fractal piece the quantum field. We are a piece of field which is one possibility. And from that point, from the point of our conscious awareness, we have the ability, the power, to create what we choose to then fractal off of us.


From our humanity, we offer into the quantum field from within us the Clear Intention of THOUGHT. It is mixed with the emotions from the heart. The ELEVATED EMOTIONS, the quality we get from the quantum field.

Together, these CLEAR INTENTIONS of our thoughts, mixed with the ELEVATED EMOTIONS of our heart, are the blueprint “Recipe” for our superpower. (It takes time, the very time we are practicing to transcend.)


This technology is only available to us as StarSeeds when we are in this specific human vehicle. That is why we all are here now, in these bodies at this time, to be able to practice this StarSeed super power technology and raise the vibration of the people and the planet, before the Solar Flash, our DNA upgrade.

You see, this power is not something you can get by imploring another being. By asking for it. Well, you probably can get some power from a deity, but it won’t be anything near your own innate superpower abilities from connecting with your source, the quantum field. Any other way is simply using a “middleman“. You are supposed to be able to create or change things on your own.  You, co-creating with the quantum field. You are in this 3rd density realistic hologram to practice doing it.


Your physical heart is connected to your mother, and just as we are a small fractal part of the quantum field, your heart is connected to the quantum field. The quantum field is omnipotent (all powerful) and omnipresent (it’s everywhere).

With the highest compassion of letting us be free to make our own choices (and thereby learning what love is), the quantum field envelopes us and responds to us and to our needs. The quantum field responds by letting us know how we’re doing by bringing into fruition what our technology tells the field we want. If we have something we don’t want, it’s a sign to learn to use our technology better, to practice our technique. Our heart/brain technology.

The quantum field is what, is WHO we should implore for our power, for our strength. For our wisdom. It’s all there in the field. We can choose any potential from this field that we want to. And, in the same way we connect with our mother’s heart when we are an embryo in the womb, we can and do connect with the heart energy, the love, within the quantum field.

When you want the power to create something, or to change something, go to the Source. The quantum field, the Source Field, is what flows through you and through everything. The Field responds to the highest energy that exists. It responds to love. Because it IS love.

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