How To Use StarSeed Powers In A Mundane Human Life!

As StarSeeds, we live our everyday life in the common and mundane actions of humanity.

We know we are here to perfect our built-in StarSeed technology of combining our thoughts with our true emotions to be able to change the world around us.

All of humanity creates this way. Our mission is to learn how to do it “at will”, and on purpose.  After all, in the next dimension, we will have this instantaneous ability.

We’d better know how to
control what we are doing. 

We came here to either learn this, or practice this. We did this all the time. The Quantum Field, the  creative heart Source of all that exists, responds to thoughts and emotions.

We knew how to do this before we came here. It is how the  quantum field works, and we are simply a point of possibility in the quantum field. It is therefore how we work.

We can take advantage of being human and take a pointer from the closest thing to what using our powers is all about  in this earthly realm, the ideal of witchcraft and magic.

(We StarSeeds are the ancestors of the Earthly pagan traditions which we handed down to them, but more about that in further posts.)

“A magical working ideally is supported by some form of mundane action, with the understanding that such an action creates a vector or path of least resistance for the magic to work through.” – The Process Of Magic, Ellwood Taylor

The most accepted example of this is the common scenario that when looking for a job one must actually go out and put applications in places to create a vector for the magic to happen.

But for StarSeeds who know how to use the StarSeed Superpowers, we realize we are truly not bound by the earthly three dimensional Newtonian physics.

And so does the daughter of Dr. Joe Dispenza. In his book “Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself” he gives the example of how the process of emotionally being thankful for having already received something puts the vibrational frequencies out into the world and the original desire gets created and so then happens.

His daughter desired an off-beat job in a far away land during a difficult time, for a specific time period, for a specific amount of pay. Having been taught how StarSeed magic works and how to do it by her father, she created her desire and knew it would happen. Shortly after she was at the library doing the mundane task of research for a school paper. She had a chance meeting in the library with a stranger who was in a position to make it all happen for her, and the job was offered.

The vibrations were put out into the ethers and the scene was created to make the magic happen. The different situations and circumstances needed to bring it all together were set in motion and then the opportunity presented itself. She seized it.

Mundane actions are things we do every day, repeatedly, in the course of living life. Maybe they’re boring, but maybe not. They don’t have to be! They just have to be actions we take that are normal, everyday activities, which when factored in to our StarSeed magical working. They can supply a convenient avenue for the desired outcome.

As Mr. Taylor continues on to say, “ … it’s important to include the mundane actions and even to examine how you can create a connection between your mundane and magical activities so that the mundane activities provide a source of power for the magical activities. In my experience, mundane activities that fuel your magical work make it that much more likely that your desired result will occur. The mundane activities demonstrate the commitment that you have toward achieving your goal and serve as a valuable way to fuel your magical working.”

Usually, no one has a problem putting desires into the ethers. It’s easy to know what we want … again and again and again! What isn’t as easy is speaking in the language which ensures the ethers understands. What isn’t as easy is knowing how to speak with heart-brain coherence so the ethers knows and understands what you are looking for.

Look for more about heart-brain coherence in our upcoming book.

Sparkle ON!
Elaine  xx

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