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As StarSeeds, our Superpowers are expressed through a language, and if we want the quantum field to understand what want, we need to speak to it in the language it understands. The quantum field doesn’t care what, or even IF, we use tools.

We can use incense, tarot cards, sigils, prayer beads or potions – or ANY of the different things we do or use.

Superpower magic happens as a result of one thing only. Magic only graces us with its presence when we speak  it’s language.

The tools we use are our personal expression of how we experience our own power. We use them and they create affirmations and confirmations in our own mind of what we expect. They solidify our choices in our own hearts and minds, and that helps us communicate our desires.

But the power to create a change is within us, only. The real ability to speak the language of magic is in our heart and mind, and the coherence they have when they are in alignment with each other. When they communicate with each other. And, when they are talking about the same thing!

To express your Superpower, you need to speak its language. You need to have your heart and mind in “coherence”. With coherence, the blending of emotions (from the heart) and thought (from the mind), you are re-writing the “operating system” of your being.

But what is coherence, and how do we get it … conjure it … create it? How can we create heart-brain coherence so our Superpowers work?

The feeling of “relief” when you finally get something you’ve wanted, when it finally becomes part of your personal and tangible reality, is a feeling or emotion of thankfulness, of gratitude, that sends a signal to your body that you got what you want. It’s finally here. Aaahhhhhh!!

This feeling of gratitude is the highest vibration of any, (yes even higher than “love”), and easily allows us to bring change into existence.

By feeling gratitude for something we desire, our cells then broadcast that energetic frequency, and we are placing our desire’s future energy into the present which tells our brain, our body, and the world around us that it has happened already. And when we do that, the form – by physics law – must occur. 

You can conjure this feeling on purpose when you bring up a past memory of the feeling and mix it with a thought of something you want now, in the present. (That is when your mind and heart are working together. You are in coherence!)

And then you can be (really!) thankful because what you’ve wanted has indeed already occurred. You can be glad about that. You can feel relief about that. Your body – your cells – react to the electromagnetic vibration of your thoughts – YOUR CHOICE. YOUR DECISION of what is in reality now.

Time is linear, but you can imagine anything is right now, in the present. And it is, then. You have DECIDED it exists. The physical form, which follows the thought and feeling, just hasn’t happened yet. But being thankful for it sends the signal to your body that it is real, nonetheless.

And then the vibrational energy signatures you put out, the vibrations you then broadcast, are affecting other vibrational energy signatures and changing them. To bring them into your reality. You are in effect creating – you are creating something that wasn’t previously there, you are creating something out of nothing. You are using your StarSeed SUPERPOWERS.

To re-write your body’s operating system, and the operating system of the morphic field you live in, send the signal that the future has already happened by conjuring the memory of a past feeling of relief you’ve had. Memories of thankfulness, of relief at receiving a desired wish, is the same for all things, so it doesn’t matter what the thing was that you received.

Just conjure, imagine, the memory of the feeling you had, with the new thought of what you want now in mind, and you send a vibrational signal to matter, to the universe, to your personal world – that it already exists. And that is how your StarSeed Superpowers change what already exists or just newly create it.

Where you place your attention determines what manifests in your future. By conjuring the feeling and emotion of being thankful, you are creating your magic. You are creating the conditions for your desired miracles to come into being. You are using – correctly – the StarSeed power you have within you. You are making – and using – magic.

See our upcoming book to discover how and why this process physically happens in your body.

Sparkle on!
Elaine  xx


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