7 Possible Meditation Encounters

What kind of beings are attracted to your meditation?

There are at least seven possible kinds of meditation encounters with other beings. Why? And where do they come from?

When a StarSeed accesses a higher frequency (through meditation) that connection brings with it the ability to affect a change in your genes and to heal your body and emotions.

But accessing higher frequencies also allows the StarSeed the ability to connect with different densities and realms. And this means you can also contact other realm entities if you choose. And, quite unexpectedly, they can likewise contact you!

There are at least 7 possible beings you may encounter while in meditation. You may not ever encounter any. But if you do, you should know it is not unusual. Let’s examine the most common:

(Thanks to Ronnie today for gathering this information and writing this post during this busy weekend while I am preparing the first Solar Flash Energy Update. And thank you to the original sources of some of this information, where ever it was from!)


Keep in mind that it is your energy that draws in these beings. You will draw in beings that are in alignment with your vibration. If you are fearful and anxious you may create an experience that mirrors that fear and anxiety. This experience is a sign that you may need to go within and heal a trauma that is hanging over you at this time.

If you’re having peaceful, loving encounters give yourself credit for opening your heart and being able to move into that realm of higher experience. Journeying in meditation the higher realms is all about mirroring, and the better you get at owning your visions the more understanding you will receive.

In later posts we will have information about exactly how to access a higher frequency, and therefore your healing, in meditation. There is a formula… If you do it, it will happen. But for now, just so when it does happen you will not be afraid, let’s “put to bed” what you might find on the other side.

When you do your meditation in a specific way, it will change the electromagnetic signal you are putting out. That specific signal is what draws to you the thoughts you desire. The signal also is a flag to other higher frequency entities which will attract them to you.

Here is a list of a few archetypal beings you may run into during your meditation astral journeys:

  • Angels

We all know what angels are, we have been told of their protective presence since we were children. These beings generally appear to be very beautiful, warm, loving winged beings. They come around to hold space for you, to let you know that you are safe, protected and loved.

They are direct vehicles of the divine and imbue you with complete, benevolent, comforting love. If you connect deeper with angels you will also find that there are archangels as well as angels, and that you can actually call upon specific angels to assist you depending on your situation.

Angels often come around when you are going through a difficult time in order to provide a supportive energy from beyond the veil. They can’t completely take away our pain but then can help stabilize and clear channels for inspired knowledge within our subtle bodies.

We also have angels around us from birth just waiting to be communicated with so they can deepen their presence in our lives.

  • Totem Animals

Totem animals are powerful messengers that can frequently
appear in dreams and meditations, or if you are very in tune, in a waking clairvoyant vision
. If an animal appears before you pay special attention to it and any details surrounding it. What is it doing? How do you feel? Does it notice you? All of these will hint at the reason why you have called in this animal.

It also helps to know that all animals are archetypes and that they represent specific qualities. We can attract an experience with them when their particular symbology is important to us.

For example, if you are in a meditation and you see a powerful lion slowly walking toward you, it indicates that confidence, healthy ego, and leadership is important at this time. It will not be referring to a small issue or something that you are unaware of. All guides come forward in response to a pertinent issue that you desire to understand.

It can help greatly to research different animals’ spiritual meanings and have a few websites or books you refer to for insight. The most famous and trusted definitive source is Animal Speak by the late Ted Andrews.

Totem animals come forward as messengers and guides because their presence is very pure and their symbology very obvious. They have the ability to carry a more straightforward meaning compared to guides that are in a more human form.

Each one of us has several totem animals that are kindred spirits for us in this life. The themes they represent are themes within our lives at large that we need to integrate to find balance.

  • Deceased Loved Ones

It is not uncommon to reconnect with deceased loved ones within your meditations and dreams. Even though the ones we love have passed they are – their energy is – still very active and accessible on the other side.

Many times you may notice that they beam with energy even though they may have been battling a tough illness before they passed. This is to show you that they are at peace and thus allow you to release any worry or guilt you may be carrying about their passing. In addition, they may appear younger or wear a particular outfit that has meaning to you to symbolize that they are all right and open to connect from a very pure and authentic place.

Many times they will come forward when they have had a tragic passing or they know that you are struggling with their loss. They come forward to help you find peace with their death, give advice, and even to just hang out.

Generally people feel as though a deep healing takes place when this occurs because they get to experience their loved ones’ pure soul forms, which can bring an intense understanding and higher perspective as to why people lived the way they lived.

They may come and go throughout your life, allowing their presence to be known, or you may get a few meaningful connections and then it seems they disappear. How and when our deceased love ones connect with us will be unique, personal, and meaningful.

Realize, they may have moved on to reincarnate to their next life, and just left some of their energy behind to connect with you. That may be why you seldom feel them … but their energy is still there when you really need them.

  • Star People

As we StarSeeds become more open and aware spiritually, we begin to realize that there is intelligent consciousness beyond human consciousness.

Not only does consciousness exist beyond our Earth collective, we can communicate with it via the highest technology in existence: our heart, our full consciousness. And we do this through meditation.

These are beings that vary in their appearance, there is not just one type of star person and the ones that come forward to you within your meditations will have special meaning and – or – history with you.

Star people, although diverse in their own history and karma, are distant relatives and will feel familiar when you connect with them. You may even recognize their core frequency to be similar to your own!

They offer great practical insights as to how to live our lives and reveal deep secrets about lost human history.  Their presence may assist you in remembering other lives beyond Earth that can greatly help bring understanding and perspective to our purpose here.

Star beings show up with our dreams and meditations when we have an open and adventurous heart. It is easier to connect with them when we let go of our heavy dependency on Earthly paradigms. These paradigms would be your beliefs and religious dogma that you hold valuable.

They respond to open space within the mind and heart. They often appear to people who have had recent lives within other star systems, and/or have an agreement to have a specific connection with them in this life. Anyone can connect with star people and they will become more and more accessible and prominent within our culture as time goes on.

  • Scary Creatures

Meditations are not always peaceful. Sometimes in our journeys we come across a frightening experience. Perhaps a grotesque or creepy being catches us off guard, or we may have a terrifying experience where we see troubling visions and feel hesitant to open up again. To that I say, congratulations. Yes, congratulations are in order because you have just gone through a shadow experience.

A shadow experience is a “negative” experience where you feel helpless, violated, manipulated or frightened in the higher realms. I would love to tell you that this just happened for no reason at all, but that would be a lie.

The truth is you have met another part of yourself. Everything that terrified you represents an aspect of your own consciousness, and if you begin to view your experiences that way it will becomes less scary.

Gone are the days when we can simply cry victim and blame others for our experiences. The higher realms are no different from our lives here. We attract what we are. We must use these darker journeys to understand ourselves more, knowing that the only reason we can actually perceive them is because they are within us.

We must inquire within about the symbolism, emotional atmosphere, and potential message of the experience. What is it trying to say? Is it speaking to a negative personality trait that you are not realizing about yourself? Is it mirroring a real life event that you need to heal from but refusing to own? Or, is it a deep soul pattern related to another life that is coming through to give you deeper understanding of something you are going through?

Scary experiences do not indicate that we are powerless in our meditations or astral body, but rather, they indicate that we need to heal something. All of our meditative experiences are tools, all of them. Tools that we have generated from within ourselves to heal and help ourselves.

  • Light Beings

Light beings are individuals (or conglomerates of consciousness) from a much higher level of reality, which makes their form difficult to comprehend, thus we simply perceive them as light.

These beings can be confused as angels and it probably doesn’t matter too much, although light beings tend to be more active in the creation of this world, whereas angels are benevolent worker bees tending to our individual light.

Light beings can come around when a very specific message needs to be given and understood. Often, these messages are directly related to life purpose or information about creating specific changes that will have a large impact on the whole.

Light beings have access to the big picture and larger karmic patterns so their presence can come when a specific shift is very important for the whole. They are not personal guardians as much as they are collective guardians.

It is also common for ET beings or other guides to appear as light initially, but upon tuning into them further you may notice a more specific personal frequency coming though. Light beings tend to work specifically in the higher realms with larger spectrums of consciousness.

  • Human Guides

Beyond all of the higher dimensional beings we talked about, sometimes you will connect with plain ol’ human guides.

These beings are individuals that have lived on Earth and have a
specific message for you. It is highly likely that something within their life is similar to yours, especially at the time of the vision. The law of attraction is not just for the physical world, we also attract specific people in the higher worlds.

Often we have human guides that are with us from birth and are there specifically to help us with our journey here. Some of these individual will be guides who are available to assist you for your whole life, while others will come and go depending on where you are in your life.

Sometimes we can also form strong bonds with friends or family from past lives. These bonds can become so deep that they actually carry on into other lives. A protective father in a past life may have such a deep soul bond with you that he comes around in this life; especially if there is a karmic journey that is somehow connected to one that you had with him in that life.

One friend had such a strong bond with a father figure in her past life that he volunteered to make his energy available for her in this life. I have also seen friendships that are very strong within soul groups where sisterhoods, or brotherhoods, step forward to hold space for a member in order to carry out work that was started in previous lives.

This is the recording we us as our regular, every day format meditation. Dr. Joe Dispenza takes you thru a convergent focus (paying attention to a close-up focus) to a divergent focus (paying attention to a far-away focus) which enables you to get in touch with your true, higher self. This does not sound like your typical meditation.

As you follow it with your mind, you may find yourself getting distracted. No worries. Just bring your attention back to it. And while you are in the black space, focus on conjuring and keeping emotions of appreciation.

Many of our experiences with beings in the higher realms will be some variation of the above-mentioned beings. Always remember to have a sense of play as you journey: this sense of play will keep all connections and intentions pure.

Future posts will delve into how to use the tool of meditation to affect change in your reality. How to affect change in your life. Meanwhile, the

cd above here is one of the favorite meditations we use … it’s about 45 minutes, and the “narrator” sounds like an other worldly being. When you first start this you will notice an instruction to focus on divergent (distant) and convergent (local) areas in your awareness. (Don’t worry, he tells you in simple terms.) it doesn’t sound like a typical meditation you may have heard, or heard of. It’s that way on purpose. Go with it.

Each day is a new beginning!



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