Why You See Repeating Numbers And What They Mean

Here’s What Repeating Numbers Are Telling You

  One of the most “esoteric” interactions we have with numbers is when numbers act with our consciousness in synchronicity.

Why do they do this? And, what do they mean?

What is going on when you see a sequence of numbers over and over again throughout the course of your day, or even just regularly? Is it “the universe” or “God” talking to you and guiding you? Do you think of it as good luck, or do you think you are being stalked by an unknown force of bad luck that is trying to spook you? Do the different numbers you notice which keep popping up in your life mean different things?

Commonly ascribed to numerology, repetitive numbers… and even single numbers in general… have a distilled esoteric meaning from the long ago fascination of the early Judaeo Christian religious consciousness. These meanings are actually what can be called Gematria, in other words, exegesis which does not rely completely on numerology but also on religious tradition.

Without any reference to religion, numbers which appear in our consciousness synchronistically are indeed communicating with us. Numbers are the universal language, a language all people could learn to understand. The language of who? The quantum field, the source of all power. And so what are the numbers telling us? (These meanings have been distilled from thousands of years of tradition, both spiritual and secular.)

Here’s What The Numbers Are Telling You

First we’ll look at individual numbers, and then we’ll look at sequential numbers.

Individual Number Meanings

What each individual number can be interpreted to mean
1- New beginnings. Watch what you think because you will be creating it.
2- Bring masculine and feminine energies together for balance and partnership. This could be a sign that something in your life is out of balance.
3- This is a sign of mind/body/spirit. This number is the energy of communication.
4- You are being given an opportunity to grow, with harmony. You are being supported.
5- Change is occurring, for the better. Embrace it.
6- This is a message to take responsibility, and relax.
7- A “mystical” number marking the beginning, and, or, the end. This number is a sign of the right path.
8- The vibration of money, power, and abundance.
9- Make room for the new. This is finished and complete.

Sequential Number Meanings

Someone who continually sees their birthday, the day and the month, is being continually reminded to do what they are “born to do”. (Investigate numerology further to determine what your birthday says you were born to do!)

123 and also 321
123 – We need to simplify something in our life, to make it easy as 123. This can include delegating a task.
321 – The opposite is also true. When we see this number sequence it can indicate that we are making things more complicated than they need to be.

111 Any combination of repetitive ones (111, 11:11, etc.)
This number is a reminder to focus on what we want in detail… NOW. This is a moment in your life where you can create. Do NOT focus on what you don’t want. This is the number of creativity, new beginnings, self-confidence, individuality, leadership. Seeing sequential 1’s can indicate you have gotten in touch with your soul’s purpose for your life.

222 This number reminds you that you are unique and that the universe is needing what you have to share. This number represents your uniqueness. When you keep seeing this number, it is a lesson to be your authentic self, no matter what others think, even if you need to walk the path alone. It is a reminder to not fear, to be your self.

333 The vibration of three – joy, communication, self expression, emotional sensitivity. When you see this number it is a sign that you are in the “zone”. You are being blessed, and there is nothing to fear. Seeing 3’s indicates you have summoned your higher vibration, your spirit guides, your God, and it is a response from whoever you summoned (in their own language!- Numbers) that your call has been heard and is being answered.

444 You are loved and supported and have nothing to fear as you progress forward. This may show up during what you consider as a time of personal trial. You are on the right track. Number 4’s indicate you have tapped into the energy of the universe and will begin to see positive changes in every area of your life.

555 Seeing this number means you can create positive change and move forward. This is the number of advancement. Big changes are just around the corner for you. No more loneliness, no more stagnation, no more feeling lost… keep your thoughts on what you want, here it comes!

666 The dreaded “anti-Christ” number, this number indicates you need to raise your thoughts and actions to a spiritually higher level in order to get yourself back on track. This number is a reminder to do what you must do to regain your balance. Be kind and gentle with yourself, as well as others. You must go within first, in order for all the other numbers and energies to be able to manifest for you.

  777 This special number indicates you will be – or are – teaching, or learning, or both…. a more spiritually conscious way of thinking and being.

888 This indicates a beginning or a deepening of your understanding of the mysteries of the universe. A download of esoteric information, or upgrade of DNA. This sequence of numbers has a very healing and shamanic energy. This particular number sequence is extremely rare. If you see it, pay very close attention to what is going on in your life and around you.

999 This is considered the master number. When you see this sequence, there is something occurring that is very important for your soul’s growth and progression. It can be a sign that you have “mastered” something. It can be a sign of completion, and a sign of an end to something, and that a new phase is beginning, in alignment with how and who you are now.

10:10 This number is full of promise, and represents the beginnings and the ends of things. This number represents a compassionate heart.

11:11 This number represents your awakening to your place in the evolving world around you, your place in the universe. This number represents that you are opening up your evolving self.

12:12 This number is like a switch which is being turned on to indicate you are on the right path, a divine path for your consciousness.

Whatever these numbers meant to the populace in the past, especially when considering their “religious” spiritual background, they have formed a “morphic field”. This both solidifies and intensifies their meanings  to us in this modern day and age.  For more information about what a morphic field  is, please see our previous post How Morphic Fields Affect You, HERE

The real question is, WHO (or, what) is  giving us these signals?  Causing these signals to appear in our lives, seemingly at just the right exact time when we need them to help us.   When we are looking for and needing guidance.

If it is “the universe“, tell me who or what exactly IS the universe?  Who or what knows enough to be able to give us these signals, these meaningful and intelligent signals in our every day life? Would it be our own personal “higher power”?  And what is a personal higher power, is it what we’ve heard called our “higher self”?

These questions will be explored in future posts. Meanwhile please check out the article What Is The Quantum Field, HERE

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