Are You A StarSeed? LightWorker? Witch? Or All Three? Part 1

Starseed, Lightworker, or Witch ? OR, Are You All Three?

The terms “StarSeed” and “Lightworker” have been used interchangeably, but is there actually any difference? And, does being a “Witch” enter into the consideration?

There are dozens of lists available online, all of them listing overlapping qualities and characteristics of being one or the other.

The qualities overlap because they ARE the same, as far as “human symptoms” which indicate a waking up, a discovery, or an activation.

So, then, if the same symptoms happen within all three of the “Magic Manifestors” …  if all three get (pretty much) the same exact symptoms of waking up and activating, whether one is a Witch, a StarSeed, or a LightWorker – then how can you tell what you are? 

Well, what IS different is the 1) purpose (or target of the mission) of the Being (you),  and the 2) choice of the underlying objective.

Before you decide if you align with being, (or try to decide if you resonate with being), either simply a StarSeed, or a StarSeed  LightWorker, or a StarSeed Witch – it is helpful to examine YOURSELF to discover which of these following motivations you feel within yourself:

Mission Target

Usually the activity of StarSeeds, LightWorkers, and Witches is focused on and can be grouped into one of three TARGETS:

1) everybody in general, (usually most StarSeeds – whose mission it is to bring ancient knowledge to almost everybody. These StarSeeds have a Light mission (see below) – they are concerned with raising the frequency vibration of the people and the planet for ascension. They will strive to share their knowledge with whoever is receptive to it.)

2) specifically those who ARE like you, (usually Witches are in this category, they generally like to keep to themselves as a group and help those within their group), and

3) specifically those who are NOT like you (usually LightWorkers are in this category because they want to share what they know and wake people up) .


In any Mission Target category, there are two choices of OBJECTIVE:

1) DARK – a selfish purpose – denying another’s Free Will for self aggrandizement, or Service To Self

2) LIGHT – Service to Others – promoting another’s Free Will, freedom, and enlightenment.

These are a delineation, there is no judgement of good or bad on these polarities. After all, without one we could not have the other. The words Light and Dark are simply used as a description of the frequency vibration of the energy. (This will be further explained later in this article, and even further in Part 2, next article.)

Note here the difference of LIGHT or DARK is not decided by use of tools (words, crystals, cards, prayer beads, wands, etc.), adherence to a “way”, homage to a Deity or not, or even past actions. 

Instead, according to channeling of Sirian 6th density Beings, Light or Dark is determined by whether or not one tries to control/harm another. It is determined by what is in one’s heart.

It is understood to be a characteristic of one’s heart, as “Service To Others” as compared to “Service To Self”. And it is divided at the 49%/51% demarcation line.

(And the Sirians also teach that KARMA occurs as a result of not allowing free will to another entity, but more about that subject in another post at another time.)

If you are in “service to others” for 51% of how you think, what you do, and how you feel … but 49% of how you think, what you do, and how you feel is selfish “service to self” … you are still considered Light by higher density Beings.  

(See the 5 book channeled Sirian teaching of The Law Of One. Below is Book 1)


Self Diagnose 

Knowing  these two motives can help you “put your finger on” the label which resonates with you better, more than the others.

It is helpful to note that these are just guidelines, because in reality any one of these traits can be expressed by any one of these labels  – StarSeed, LightWorker, or Witch. But certain couplings are common:

Are You A StarSeed?

This is not a popular “opinion” ,  but StarSeeds are ALL beings. All human beings who are here on Earth come from somewhere. We Earth beings are nestled on Earth among the stars.

Some of us have a Mission which involves our waking up to it … some of us don’t have a mission which includes waking up. But we are all StarSeeds.

And so  – and this is the real unpopular part – once a being is here, and is human, that being is a StarSeed because the human vehicle was made specifically to “house” it. That vehicle, the human body, is a mixture of different and various DNA which was “seeded” by various alien (not intended as a slur) entities. Anyone in a human body is a StarSeed. Some – most – don’t know it. Some – most – are not activated, or awakened, yet.

LIGHT StarSeeds vs. DARK StarSeeds

There are indeed some beings, some souls, whose  first and original planet is Earth. There are also some beings here on Earth now whose original  lineage is from otherworld beings who promote low frequency vibration energy because they instigate low-vibration emotions and then purposely feed off the resulting low frequency vibrations produced.

It is their intention to do this, they know they are doing this, and they don’t care what it does to the human person they are doing it to.  These are the DARK StarSeeds.

But some, most, of the souls here on Earth today – probably even you – are from distant galaxies and star systems. Their souls are not originally from Earth. And their souls – your soul – is willing and yearning to return back to the original source of its light.  The consciousness of the quantum field. That energy is a high frequency vibration of love. These are the LIGHT StarSeeds.

(Read our article “63 Signs You Have A Low Or High Vibration” HERE )

These souls, (probably your soul), are highly evolved souls with ancient wisdom and boundless cosmic energy. This cosmic energy is often hidden beneath the surface, buried deep within at the center of who the souls are.

These souls remain that way, unaware of who they truly are and where they truly come from until they experience an “activation” – something that happens in their life to “wake them up”.

Activation allows them to access their ancestral soul memories, intended to help them with both their primary and secondary  mission on Earth. (See our article “Where You Are From” HERE  )

The forgetfulness these souls are born with is why so many StarSeeds develop a love for Sci-Fi and Fantasy at a young age and through their teenage years. It subconsciously reminds them of their home and how they ended up here.

(Read the three pages at the top of this website, “Where You Are From”, “What You Forgot”, and “Where You Are Going” to help you remember what your primary and secondary mission is. )

Concepts like aliens, space travel, psychic powers, and the supernatural just make sense to StarSeeds who are on the path of waking up, or who have already awakened.

These things make sense to them far more than they do to the rest of modern mainstream culture. It IS their mission, that is why they find these concepts, these things, “comfortable”.

StarSeeds who are waking up (whatever category they are in) have things in common that they always do – see our post “23 Things StarSeeds Do – Do You?” HERE

A StarSeed has a particular talent for evolving consciousness very quickly. From the instant of activation, they begin to make rapid advancements on their spiritual journey, bringing themselves all the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual benefits of awakening.

It is through this mechanism that they are able to see through the conspiracies that the malicious forces of Earth hide behind. Most StarSeeds who have awakened originate from a density which is higher than fourth density.

Unfortunately, many Starseeds do not learn of their true gift and skill, their StarSeed superpowers, until later in life.

It is common for StarSeeds to want to share what skills they know, do, and have with everybody. StarSeeds cultivate ancient knowledge. It is common for StarSeeds to desire to be Light, but there are some who choose the Dark.

Are You A LightWorker?

The terms LightWorker and StarSeed are often used interchangeably, and probably always will be. Both terms are correct, as all humans are seeded from the stars.

Some have awakened to their mission, some have not. Some are actually involved in their mission which does not include “waking up”.

LightWorkers are here to raise the vibrations of humanity and the planet, spreading love and light to all of us. Especially  in our darkest times.

LightWorkers usually originate from third or fourth density,  (density is different than dimension) so they are usually better suited to life on this planet and to live among humans, having to live within the matrix.

(Some current StarSeed LightWorkers originate from a higher density  but have chosen to retrograde to this planet at this time for the purpose of raising the vibration of everyone and everything for the coming Solar Flash Ascension.)

A LightWorker’s mission (which is to bring light and spread love to the people and the planet) puts them in contact with people on an introductory level. As a LightWorker interacts with people through the course of their day they will enlighten and spread joy to whoever they come in contact with, through their loving attitude.

LightWorkers intend to bring in a New Age of higher consciousness here on Earth. The route to this is to raise the vibrations of humanity by introducing love and light to all corners of the Earth. Usually the most noticeable method of this is attitude.

It is common for LightWorkers to want to share what skills they know, do, and have with any others who appreciate and are receptive to their offering. LightWorkers desire to be Light. 

Are You A Witch?

So, what is a Witch? And what makes being a Witch different from a LightWorker? And can Witches be LightWorkers?

You already know you are a StarSeed. If you are reading this article, you are awakening, or are already awake. You know and understand you are a StarSeed.

But, where do you go from there? Are you a StarSeed Witch? A StarSeed LightWorker? Can you be both? How do you know?

A Witch can desire and choose to express either Light, or Dark, or a combination of both. This means both Light and Dark can be expressed at different times, and in varying degrees – with full awareness and intention.  Or, a Witch can choose to always be either Light or Dark.

(Remember, Light or Dark means allowing another entity or Being to express or have free will, or not. Nothing more, nothing less.)

Witches are usually willing to share what skills they know, do, and have with those who want to know. Usually witches will not, do not, proselytize (convert) or attempt to gain a following except for those who want to know.

 The difference is in the source of power

A LightWorker will internalize power (from wherever they believe it originates from – i.e. God, Qi, the quantum field) and transform it to be something from within them that allows them to have control of in its use.

Witches will resonate with a source of power that is separate from them, an outside source which they implore or maneuver to accomplish a desired result.  

This can be a tool, an entity, words, or any thing which can be used as a communication “tool” between the separate source and the witch.

(A TOOL is something used to garner power, to understand power, or to direct power. Or all three at once! Examples are herbs, tarot cards, pendulums, tuning forks, wands, etc. )

Witches CAN be both a Witch and a LightWorker (if they choose Light) the same as a LightWorker can also be a Witch when they choose to use the “power” inherent in tools.

(StarSeeds CAN BE and ARE both, depending on their MISSION. And on their retrograde density. The StarSeed SCAN does reveal both retrograde density level and basic Mission as well as star system origin.)

(The “power” inherent in tools is a separate article, but for the sake of clarity see this article about MORPHIC FIELDS)

How do you know which one you are?

It’s up to you. Which one do you want to be?

As a StarSeed you have the opportunity and ability to make that decision for yourself. You can decide which one you resonate with – StarSeed, LightWorker, or Witch. (Hang on – keep reading, below.)

Once you feel and decide what you resonate with, decide if you prefer Light or Dark.  And once you decide that, watch this space for Part 2 of this article to understand how your choice affects the amount of power you will have available to you – because it will make a difference.

Meanwhile here’s a few points below that you can think about, to help you decide.

Where do you think your power comes from?

Do you know and understand where your real power to effect changes comes from?

Do you see the source of your power as coming from an entity (even the traditional idea of “God” is an entity), a tool, specific words, planets, or perhaps a date?

Or, do you see your source of power as coming from entirely within you? (And does that make you feel weak, or powerless? Or does it empower you?)

Either way, do you have a conception of how the physics of manifestation works?  Do you have a conception of what the mechanics are of creating something that you want?

Whether you are creating a change in your personal world and life, or healing someone, or anything else … you can and will only do as much as your source of power that you believe in is strong enough to do.

And then, once you realize (and admit) where you voluntarily are surrendering your source of power, how do you use it?

It doesn’t matter where you choose to cultivate your power from. Learn to work with it based on its source.

And know if you choose Light or Dark, they each will have different strengths of power.

Know this: Your source of power does not determine its strength. And whether you are using it ultimately for Light or Dark does not determine its strength.

Power used for Light does have a better chance of winning out – but not always.

Find out what the deciding factor is, how that works in the quantum field, and how to turn the tide in your favor, in Part 2 of this post, next article .

Sparkle on!



Are You A StarSeed? LightWorker? Witch? Or All Three? PART 2

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